The Prismatic Piper

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The Prismatic Piper
The Prismatic Piper full art.jpeg
Race Shapeshifter
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Eternal

The Prismatic Piper is a shapeshifter of pure mana that is speculated to exist simultaneously across all planes at all times.[1]

Across the multiverse, in moments of great need, magic users have found themselves able to cast spells unlike any they've ever cast before. When the danger has passed, the knowledge disappears without a trace. When asked about these events, each mage reported the same thing: it was as if their head was filled with music, that of a hauntingly beautiful flute.

Researchers have dubbed this phenomenon "The Prismatic Piper," based on the theory states that a spirit of pure mana, purer than even elementals, could exist simultaneously across all planes at all times. Being pure mana, it would have no will of its own, but its power could be subconsciously harnessed by one who meets certain criteria. Efforts to pinpoint those criteria have yielded few results, and for now, the Piper remains a mystery.

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