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The Raven's Eye
The Raven's Eye.jpg
Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period June 17 - July 1, 2010
URL The Raven's Eye
Creative team
Writer(s) Jenna Helland
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Dan Brereton
Letterer(s) Bob Jordan
Preceded By
The Veil's Curse
Followed By

The Raven's Eye is a webcomic about Liliana Vess. Telling her origin story, it was originally published in three parts in June and July 2010.

Part 1[]

Vess Manor, Benalia, Dominaria
A young servant called Arine comes looking for Liliana, the general's daughter, with news of the return of the battlefield caravan. She finds Liliana in flagrante delicto with a young man in the storeroom. Arine warns Liliana that Lady Ana will be furious, but Liliana doesn't care because it is not like that she is in love with the man. After helping to put Liliana's clothes in order, Arine breaks the news that something terrible has happened to Liliana's brother, Josu.

The young healer sits at Jose's bedside, but can't find any visible wounds. Her superior, Lady Ana, explains that Josu has been touched by a mage-blade of the enemy. She tasks Liliana to slip by the enemy lines to collect Esis root, the only thing that can stave of Josu's corruption. For the love of her brother and father, Liliana willingly takes up the task. Entering the Caligo Forest, she notices several ravens in the trees. Nothing seems to look right, and she is quickly disoriented. She almost stumbles into an animal trap, but is saved by a mysterious man. The bearded stranger says he recognizes her as the general's daughter and warns her that the ruthless enemy is on the move through the Caligo. Liliana is scared, and even more so when the man tells her that the Skin-Witches have destroyed the grove where the Esis grows. Assuring her that he is a supporter of her father, the man provides Liliana with an alternate cure. He warns her that the keepers will resist the application of this potion, but that Lili mustn't let them stop her from saving her brother. He is certain that Josu must survive the war, to be their next leader. The man then disappears in a flock of ravens.

Back in the manor, Liliana defies Lady Ana and administers the unknown potion to Josu's lips. Josu wakes up, but unfortunately without a soul and in a murderous rage; he feels eternal pain and his undead features are twisted horribly. Liliana realizes that she has been tricked and has committed a crime that can't be forgiven, dooming the soul of the heir of Vess forever. She leaves the manor, her father, and her order in search of redemption.

Part 2[]

Four men sit in a dark tavern, contemplating a little chest on the table. They have lost some of their companions in a fight the night before, but Biborat killed two of the rebels and blasphemers in return. They are afraid of someone tracking them, and mention she still has an army of followers. Harcu, Biborat and their leader discuss how they can bring the chest back to its home near the abandoned mine. The fourth man, Dalto, is quiet as a mouse and the others try not to agitate him. The discussion is interrupted by Liliana Vess barging in on them through the door.

The guys are annoyed by Liliana's attitude, and warn her not to touch Dalto. It is revealed that Dalto blisters in the sunlight and never talks. Not interested in Dalto's predilections, Liliana explains that she is looking to hire a crew to break in into the viceroy's palace and to teach the viceroy a lesson. Harcu thinks that Liliana is after their chest and attacks her, but he is suddenly destroyed by a beam of light. The roof is broken open and an angel challenges Liliana, accusing her of being a demon. The three remaining men know that the angel is after their chest and try to flee, but the angel destroys Danto. Perturbed, Liliana battles the angel who is then stabbed in the back by the unnamed leader of the gang. Gratefully, Liliana resumes her attempt to hire the men to attack the viceroy.

A few days later, Biborat enters the Onakke Catacomb with the chest. The Onakke spirits thank him for restoring the key, and for finding them a suitable vessel. They expect Liliana to arrive shortly. Biborat hangs the Chain Veil on the skeleton of the Onakke.

Part 3[]

A mob has gathered outside a church where Liliana Vess has resurrected the corpse of an old cleric who supposedly has knowledge of the Onakke. Liliana hurts because of her use of the Chain Veil. The resurrected old man observes that her protection spell won't last and that the villagers will hang her from the rafters for being a witch. He calls her "Lili". The villagers break through the door and throw magical firestars inside. The firestars explode and Liliana is about to surrender, not able to bear the weight of the Veil and the voices of the Onakke anymore. The cleric carries the planeswalker downstairs, encouraging her to persevere. He tells her of the Onakke, and how he remembers them being slaughtered into nothingness.

When Liliana still isn't able to resist the pain, the cleric reminds her that her brother Josu had warned her that death is not an option. He pours a potion over Liliana's body, recollecting how he has cultivated her selfishness and her wish to gain the power of the Veil. Angry, Liliana now realizes that none other than the Raven Man is inhabiting the body of the cleric. She gathers her will and tries to confront him but the Raven Man flees the body of the cleric, leaving a dead husk behind. Invigorated, Liliana realizes she misses her brother and promises him that she will never die. She dons the Chain Veil again and planeswalks away.

The church burns down, the villagers oblivious of the fact that their target has escaped.

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