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The Secrets of Magic is an anthology published in May 2002. It features stories by Paul B. Thompson, Philip Athans, Nate Levin, Jim Bishop, Chris Pramas, Cory J. Herndon, J. Robert King, Will McDermott, Vance Moore & Scott McGough. It was edited by J. Robert King.[1]


The world is a mystery.

Ancient troves of artifacts await discover. The origins of potent spells rest lost between the pages of archaic tomes. The evolution of monstrous beasts lies outside of a researcher's grasp—until now. At last, long-forgotten and expertly hidden secrets will be revealed.


Part I: Ancient History[]

For Want of Ink[]

by Paul B. Thompson

  • During the long Ice Age, a powerful wizard is dying. Scribes and rival wizards alike scramble to record his secrets before he expires. But one scribe in particular gains a bit of knowledge that he shouldn't -- a bit of knowledge that would one day have far-reaching consequences no one could ever imagine.

Song for the Plague Rats[]

by Philip Athans

  • Vermin start overwhelming entire villages of a distant, shadow-filled, land with a crippling disease. A little girl, just one of the many orphans created by the dreaded rats, finds a kind patron in the most unexpected place.

Part II: Pre-Invasion[]

A Nut By Any Other Name[]

by Nate Levin

  • The elven scout Kylor is sent to investigate a new human settlement on the outskirts of the forest. But on the way, she meets an odd character who helps her along in her journey—a character that will be very familiar to many Magic players.

Goblin King[]

by Jim Bishop

  • Though they're not too bright, a tribe of goblins has more than enough numbers and firepower to take care of a hapless army trying to get through their territory. When one of the goblins is captured, he'll have to do everything he can to survive.

Burning Vengeance[]

by Chirs Pramas

  • When the pirate captain of the Burning Vengeance and his band of cutthroats encounter a ship that might be trading in slaves, he keeps its captain captive until he can discover the truth. What he didn't count on was the presence of one very special stowaway. . . .

Like Spider's Silk[]

by Cory J. Herndon

  • Tenya, the daughter of a powerful elf chieftain, is due to be married to the son of a powerful human, which should cement an alliance between the two races. But one of nature's fouler children disrupts the wedding, and she and her would-be groom must learn to trust each other if they want to rescue their families from this terrible threat.

Part III: Invasion Era[]

Behold, The Fish[]

by J. Robert King

  • A motley group of outcasts from the Vodalian Empire are lucky enough to be among the few survivors of Yawgmoth's destruction. Left in the ruins of the once-mighty empire, this band must find a way to survive and rebuild, or die trying.

Journey Home[]

by Will McDermott

  • When the Phyrexian invasion ends, most survivors return home to pick up the pieces. One dwarf, however, finds he cannot. Can he find a new home among a strange people?

Part IV: Post Invasion[]

Stolen Harvest[]

by Vance Moore

Family Man[]

by Scott McGough [2]