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The Seeker's Fall
Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period January 1 - February 4, 2009
URL The Seeker's Fall
Creative team
Writer(s) Jenna Helland, Brady Dommermuth, Doug Beyer
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Trevor Hairsine
Letterer(s) Jino Choi
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The Seeker's Fall is a webcomic about Tezzeret. It was originally published in three parts in January and February 2009.


Part 1[]

Esper. Examination day at the Vectis City Academy. The noted pupil Silas Renn is pitted against Tezzeret of Tidehollow. Both of them have etherium-enhanced bodies. Onlookers note that Tezzeret had shown promise as a mage in his youth, but that they are not impressed anymore. Tezzeret gets frustrated by Renn's countermagic and tries to force a decision. Renn uses his vulnerability to strike him down. Renn wins and Tezzeret hears he is expected at the Headmaster's office early the next morning.

When Tezzeret arrives home, he finds his father wounded after an attack by rippers. His father notes that there is ever less etherium to go around, and even more who want it for themselves. Tezzeret states that the Seekers are going to change that, but his father doesn't believe him and asks him to come home. Tezzeret shouts that he never is going to be a scrapper, and angrily leaves. Considering the fact that the Seekers alone have the secret to forge new etherium, and that promise will cast the world in perfection, he vows that nothing can stand in his way to become a Seeker himself.

The next morning, Tezzeret is late to arrive at the Headmaster's office. The Headmaster announces that Tezzeret has to leave the Academy and that he is about to inform the Seekers of that fact. He states that Tezzeret will never be more than a scrapper. Tezzeret loses his temper, kills the dean, and strips the body of etherium.

Part 2[]

While Silas Renn as the Seeker's youngest adept is honored with the gift of an etherium heart, Tezzeret looks on. Thinking about the fact that no one has found out what he did, he realizes that he is still hated anyway. He comes to the conclusion that he will never become one of the Seekers and begins to question their Noble Work. Breaking in into the secret chambers and slaying some guards, Tezzeret tries to locate the Codex Etherium to discover the secret behind the creation of new etherium for himself. Just after he finds out that the Codex is blank and that the secret is a fraud, some Seekers find him. In the following brawl, Tezzeret is stabbed in the chest, which accidentally triggers his planeswalker's spark. After his planeswalk, Tezzeret finds himself on a strange world in the company of a demonic beast.

Part 3[]

Tezzeret can escape because the beast is attacked by another demon. He then fights off an attack by ghouls and another attack by a flying demon. Just when he regains some control, Tezzeret is confronted by the elder dragon Nicol Bolas who easily subdues him.

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