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The Traveler
Race Human Planeswalker
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Mending Era

The Traveler, also known in Tazeem as the Outsider[1], in Tolaria as the Visitor, in Gavony as the Butcher of Crussebourg, and in Shiv as the Hero of Old Onkoom, is the moniker for the player-created human planeswalker that was introduced in the Magic: Legends computer game. The cause for the Traveler's spark is currently unknown, and their name, gender, and appearance, as well as their power set, are determined by the player. Non-player characters style the planeswalker as the "Traveler" throughout the game except in Tazeem, where the inhabitants address the person as the "Outsider".[1][2]

Description[ | ]

Little can be said of the Traveler's description, but when the Traveler planeswalks, a purple orb appears at their destination in the moments before they arrive.[3]

Classes[ | ]

Geomancer[ | ]

The Geomancer controls the power of the earth, forming gauntlets before punching through enemies in melee range. With nothing more than rock-covered fists and the power of the very land itself, the Geomancer unleashes devastating attacks on enemies nearby.

Beastcaller[ | ]

The Beastcaller is the embodiment of the wild, a force of nature with devastating axe attacks. Never alone, the Beastcaller charges into battle with trusty Aether Fox, destroying their foes with impeccable teamwork.

Sanctifier[ | ]

The Sanctifier is the icon of all that is holy, supporting their creatures and allies from a distance. With the support of an angel and their powerful healing abilities, the Sanctifier calmy dispatches their foes with piercing bolts of light.

Mind Mage[ | ]

A master of mental magic, the Mind Mage manipulates how one perceives the world around them. Enemies should take caution because as they are trapped in an illusion, the Mind Mage attacks their psyche directly.

Necromancer[ | ]

The Necromancer attacks from a moderate distance with their dark magic, summoning an army of undead to assist them in combat. The Necromancer understands that life is temporary, and even death can be useful.

Abilities[ | ]

Geomancer[ | ]

  • Magma Fist: Punch enemies in front of you. The final hit of this combo grants 2.5% of your maximum health as a shield for 10 seconds.
  • Volcanic Fury: Deal damage to nearby foes. Consume an amount of Shield equal to 5% of your max health to deal additional damage.
  • Furious Leap: Leap forward a short distance and damage foes near your impact point.

Beastcaller[ | ]

  • Wild Slash: Cleave nearby foes with your Aether axe.
  • Rending Throw: Hurl an axe to damage and Mark foes in front of you. Killing Marked foes restores health to you and your companion.
  • Wild Roar: Heal yourself and your Companion instantly plus an additional amount over 6 seconds, and teleport it to your location. It applies Taunt to nearby foes and gets +2/+2 for 6 seconds.

Sanctifier[ | ]

  • Divine Bolt: Fire piercing bolts of holy energy at distant enemies.
  • Wave of Radiance: Create a wave of holy energy, dealing damage to enemies caught in the wake.
  • Salvation: Gain a Devotion counter, and you and the creatures you control are healed. Upon receiving 4 Devotion counters, create a 4/4 white Angel token with Lifelink for 20 seconds and remove all Devotion counters.

Mind Mage[ | ]

  • Mindlash: Blast enemies in front of you with a barrage of energy orbs.
  • Confound: Deal damage to foes in a cone in front of you. Confuse a random foe that was not killed in this way for 6 seconds, then stun the rest for 3 seconds.
  • Illusory Escape: Taunt foes with an illusion of yourself and gain increased movement speed.

Necromancer[ | ]

  • Grim Siphon: Lash foes in front of you with your necromantic pendulum, dealing damage plus additional damage over 3 seconds. The damage over time effect also heals for 10% of the damage dealt.
  • Grave Upheaval: Deal damage to foes in an area around the target foe, then create two 1/1 Skeleton creature tokens, for 30 seconds, at that location. Each Skeleton still on the battlefield from previous use of this ability is replaced by the new one.
  • Necromantic Aura: Sacrifices any active skeletons from Grave Upheaval to empower an aura that damages nearby enemies for a short time.

History[ | ]

Origin[ | ]

The Meditation Realm[ | ]

Upon sparking to the Meditation Realm, the new planeswalker startled Ral Zarek who was nearby, allowing Vaash Vroga to catch him off-guard and escape. In exchange for the new planeswalker's help tracking Vaash, Ral took on the role of mentor and showed the planeswalker how to follow in Vaash's wake.[1]

Zendikar[ | ]

The Outsider arrived on Zendikar in the continent of Tazeem, where a wary Nissa warmed up once the Outsider mentioned Ral had sent them. Nissa agreed to help the Outsider track Vaash but had to redirect the Outsider to Huntmaster Procyon when she discovered a misaligned hedron.[1]

Procyon and the Outsider discovered that the merfolk were corrupting the entire hedron grid using water elementals, causing the wildlife and locals to become unnaturally aggressive. In their search for survivors in Briarthorn Glade, only one animist survived, just long enough to tell them the power was being directed toward the Floating Isles. The corrupted hedrons were luring and empowering the wildlife. Nissa and the village elder Illiadi then sent the Outsider with the ranger Wildorin to realign the hedrons near the Floating Isles.[1]

Amid a sudden conflict between the Vastwood elves and the Briarthorn elves, the merfolk scholar Kama requested the Outsider's aid in stopping the merfolk leaders from corrupting the hedron grid further. Kama and the Outsider discovered message orbs from Noyan Dar, Thada Adel, and Vaash. They also found a chest full of alien artifacts, including Ral's aetheric lens. They brought these back to Nissa for scrutiny. The clues uncovered led Kama to the conclusion that Noyan Dar was the one responsible for the ongoing corruption, even though this seemed entirely out of character for him.[1]

Kama and the Outsider confronted Noyan Dar, who sent water elementals to attack to prevent them from interfering with his plan. Once he realized Kama was with the Outsider, he called the elementals off. He explained that Vaash had duped Thada Adel into thinking she could heal Tazeem by restarting the Roil. Unfortunately, Thada's confidence was enough to weaken Noyan's authority over his disciples.[1]

Briarthorn Glade was attacked again, this time by Thada Adel's army. The Outsider and the ranger Elendi were able to fend them off. Nissa and the Outsider then confronted Thada and destroyed the machine.[1]

The Traveler's Realm[ | ]

Having saved Zendikar, the Outsider walked back to the Meditation Plane, where Ral had been studying a particular pocket of it (known in-game as "Your Realm") that he theorized was somehow connected to the new planeswalker. Ral's suspicion was confirmed when the planeswalker activated the pocket realm's aetheric core simply by mentally focusing on it. The core functioned by condensing aether to create lands.[1]

Dominaria[ | ]

Excited for the new planeswalker, Ral decided to introduce them to the Sanctum on the Spice Isles of Dominaria. There, the Traveler met with other planeswalkers before returning to Zendikar to investigate some mana towers.[1]

Mana towers and pocket realms[ | ]

The Outsider returned to Tazeem to ask Nissa about mana towers. She had seen them on every plane but avoided them since they are artifacts. She also mentioned she destroyed the potentially dangerous artifacts Kama and the Outsider had recovered, including the aetheric lens. She directs the Outsider to one of these towers. After deactivating a mana tower the merfolk had been using, the Outsider began to hear a seemingly beckoning ringing sound that would indicate the locations of hidden portals to a pocket realm similar to the Outsider's realm.[1]

Exploring the Multiverse[ | ]

The next sections are independent stories that may have happened in any sequence or even pseudo-simultaneously.

Gavony[ | ]

Upon arriving in Hexenrast on Innistrad, the Traveler saved the apprentice Ulav and the elder Havish from some wolves. As an expression of gratitude, Ulav brought the Traveler to his mentor, the witch Nani Oula. Nani took the Traveler in as an apprentice to her dark arts and began tasking the Traveler with all manner of foul deeds.[1]

Nani's first task for the Traveler was to cure the village of Crussebourg of its lycanthropy curse.[1] This task involved killing a significant percentage of Crussebourg's residents, including the high shaman Kurjak; this massacre earned the Traveler the title Butcher of Crussebourg.[1][3] The ritual involved an amulet that allowed her to scry and communicate with the new apprentice.[1]

Following the butchery of Crussebourg, the Traveler was sent on several other vile missions. The exiled Jostinia Markov tried to dissuade the Traveler from serving Nani, but failed.[1] When Nani took on Vaash as her third concurrent apprentice, she decided to lend the Traveler's aid to Gisa Cecani.[1][3]

At the request of Gisa, the Traveler met up with Volomir's wraith to destroy Geralf's lab. The inert husk of Geralf's masterpiece was of particular interest to Nani as she divined through the Traveler's amulet, so she bade the Traveler not destroy that.[3]

Curious about Volomir's past, the Traveler accompanied the wraith and demonstrated bloodthirsty power in exchange for learning the secrets he guarded. Exceptionally pleased with the killing, Volomir told his tale and warned of Nani's abusive power.[3]

Geralf realized Gisa had put the Traveler up to the task of destroying his lab, so he allowed the Traveler to redeem themself from his wrath by raiding the late Faleria Sisero's lab and retrieving a battery.[3]

Nani sent for the Traveler to meet her in Crussebourg. In Crussebourg, the rivaling witch Volker hailed the Traveler as the Butcher of Crussebourg. She detailed to the Butcher how the lycanthropy the Butcher "cured" was inflicted by Nani. Nani had also cursed the geists there with restlessness. Volker laid out a plan for the Butcher to defeat Nani, which would start with freeing Kurjak.[3]

Nani cried out the conversation with Volker, causing her to begin exacting her revenge on the Butcher. Following Volker's guidance, the Butcher freed Kurjak's soul from his tomb. Kurjak then conducted a ritual that allowed his Butcher to trap Nani's soul within the amulet. The Witch of the Moorlands was captured, and Kurjak rested in peace.[3]

Traveler's Realm[ | ]

As the Traveler advanced in their skill, Ral met with them once again to guide them in focusing their mind to create various workshops, including a mana vault, an arcane workshop, and a mystical study.[3]

Shiv[ | ]

As the planeswalker arrived in Shiv, Squee's curiosity was piqued and he got too close, killing him temporarily. The planeswalker would repay their debt owed to Squee by helping him figure out why King Omek's goblins were using Benalish swords from Gavon Deniz and taking orders from him. Together, they infiltrated Omek's fortress, killed the pretender to the throne Kedu, and defeated Omek's soldiers. In his fear, Omek relinquished the throne and admitted to trading several hundred goblins for a few crates of weapons. Squee and the hero then met with Adeliz to discuss Deniz's business in Shiv.[3]

The flamewarden Nizir recruited the hero to assist with ridding Old Onkoom of the goblins that have suddenly occupied it.[3] The hero's victory earned them the title Hero of Old Onkoom.[4]

To prove Darigaaz's innocence in an upcoming trial, Adeliz requested the Hero procure evidence. Along with a witness who denied Darigaaz's involvement and introduced two new suspects-- a dragon and Vaash-- the Hero obtained a claw that came from Kyashatar's brood.[3]

Benalish guard Private Mazel allowed the Hero entry into a Benalish outpost near Kyashatar's lair to prove Darigaaz's innocence. Captain Ayani, however, was involved in the scheme and had the gates sealed so Mazel and the Hero were trapped and could be seized. They were able to escape with Mazel's knowledge and the Hero's magic. Captain Rhalts slowed them by raising the drawbridge, and Kyashatar attacked them as well from the air.[3]

Within Kyashatar's lair, the Hero assassinated the dragon broodmother and councilmember. Then the Hero freed Darigaaz, and they both returned to Onkoom. The planeswalker created unrest in the Benalish colony until Squee reported hearing Vaash talking about Keltaz, which led Adeliz to believe Keltaz was the dragon that framed Darigaaz. Guided by Ramezi, the Hero uncovered the whereabouts of Keltaz's lair and subdued him.[3]

Led by Squee, the Hero joined Adeliz and Darigaaz in a mission to free the captive goblins and the Mana Rig from Deniz's grasp.[3] Gavon Deniz activated the Rig, which began creating Thran machines that massacred the nearby Benalish soldiers. The Hero dueled and slew Deniz then deactivated the Rig.[5]

Josu Vess, in the name of Belzenlok, had his followers reanimate Kyashatar as a revenant. While Darigaaz slowed the Cabal's advance to Kyashatar's corpse, the Traveler dueled Josu, who escaped at the last moment to rendezvous with his followers in Benalia. The Traveler then slew the reanimated Kyashatar, and Darigaaz saw to his proper burial.[6]

Benalia[ | ]

This story is known to take place sometime after the Shiv story.[6]

Tolaria[ | ]

Chasing Answers[ | ]

Planes visited[ | ]

Planeswalkers met[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

References[ | ]

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