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The Unluckiest
The Unluckiest
Race Human Planeswalker
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Mending Era

The Unluckiest is an unnamed[1] planeswalker from an undefined plane, who is cursed with bad luck.

Description[ | ]

The bearded planeswalker is snazzy and sharp, but always in the wrong place at the wrong time.[2] He has a knack of getting in trouble, yet always ends up not dying.[3]

History[ | ]

At some point, this planeswalker ran afoul of the Innistradi warlock Lynde, who is the source of his curses. She keeps a doll in his image, which she uses for dark magic. She describes him as the single most annoying person she has ever met in her exceptionally long life.[4]

It has been speculated that, with his luck, the Unluckiest Planeswalker certainly would have ended up on Ravnica during the War of the Spark, although this has not been confirmed.[3]

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