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The Wanderer
Emperor of Kamigawa
The Wandering Emperor
Race Human
Formerly Planeswalker
Birthplace Eiganjo, Kamigawa
Lifetime ~4537 -
Center: {W}

The Wanderer is a former planeswalker introduced in War of the Spark. She is the current Emperor of Kamigawa, and one of the most efficient and deadly warriors seen on any plane.[1] She lost her spark during the Desparkening, but unlike her fellow planeswalkers, this was a great benefit to her.[2]

Appearance and characteristics[ | ]

The Wanderer is a traveling swordswoman with snow-white hair and brown eyes.[3][4] As Emperor of Kamigawa, she is unable to reveal her name to anyone. Her bond with the kami Kyodai is embodied by the kami Himoto.[5]

As the Wanderer, she hides her face behind a wide-brimmed hat and wears white garb.[4][6] Beneath the brim of her hat, she wears a golden mask that covers her entire visage and even keeps her eyes in the shadow.[7] Because she admitted that she once was considered to be beautiful, Ral Zarek suspected that her real face was now scarred. The Wanderer didn't deny this and implied that Tezzeret was to blame for her disfigurement.[7] When she briefly returned to Kamigawa, it turned out that it was her planeswalker spark and not her appearance that was damaged.

The Wanderer is adept at swordplay and can magically absorb kinetic energy and redirect that force through her massive sword.[8] The broadsword leaves a white mana trail in its wake when she swings it.[9] She often appears without warning to aid in a battle or defend the innocent, only to disappear just as suddenly without explanation.[10]

Able to down the largest foes with a single stroke, The Wanderer is also cursed to make an effort not to planeswalk. Unlike other planeswalkers who are tired by the process of planeswalking, The Wanderer can planeswalk and then planeswalk again almost immediately - but if she doesn't focus, she will be pulled at random from plane to plane.[8] This also happens when she sleeps or falls unconscious. Her condition makes her uniquely attuned to the Blind Eternities. She feels every ripple across it and can sense a planeswalker's path longer than a typical planeswalker.

The Wanderer is centered in white mana. When she planeswalks, she disappears in a violent flash of white light.[7][11] When she has control over her spark, she is able to planeswalk within the same plane.[12]

History[ | ]

Origins[ | ]

When We Were Young

The Wanderer and Kaito have known each other since childhood.

When they were young, the Wanderer and Kaito Shizuki became friends and sparring partners.[13] Around age fourteen, her spark was ignited when the planeswalker Tezzeret attempted to control the kami Kyodai with a prototype Reality Chip.[14] The Chip left her spark unstable, causing the irregularities with her planeswalking ability.

On her first day of training, her mentor Light-Paws gave her a puppy, telling her to raise it by hand: care for this dog now, so you can care for the kingdom in the future. The young emperor took these words to heart, and Yoshimaru became the most intelligent, most loyal dog the court had ever seen. She loved having a friend whom she could share her Imperial secrets with and relieve the burden of responsibility.[10]

Wanderer's sword

The Wanderer is able to channel kinetic energy to her sword

War of the Spark[ | ]

The Wanderer was lured to Ravnica by the Interplanar Beacon, and immediately became trapped there due to Bolas's use of the Immortal Sun. Alongside many other planeswalkers and Ravnicans, she fought against the Eternals of Bolas' Dreadhorde.[9] She and Sarkhan Vol knew each other.

She was one of the few planeswalkers who chose to remain on Ravnica after Chandra disabled the Immortal Sun, helping the Gatewatch in their fight against Bolas. She survived the battle.

Forsaken[ | ]

Blade Banish

In Ikoria.

As her unique abilities allowed her to track Tezzeret and the Planar Bridge technology he carried, the Wanderer aided Ral Zarek in finding his target.[7] They eventually found Tezzeret in his fortress on Alara in Esper, once known as the Seekers' Sanctum. The pair were greeted by a squadron of etherium gargoyles in which all but the leader, Brokk, were destroyed. Ral and the Wanderer entered Tezzeret's base and battled against his minions through multiple traps. Upon reaching Tezzeret, the Wanderer was knocked unconscious by the lead gargoyle and automatically planeswalked away.

After regaining consciousness, the Wanderer returned to Esper to investigate Tezzeret's fortress and found evidence of an organized abandonment. Back on Ravnica, the Wanderer relayed her newfound information at the guild meeting after Ral Zarek told the truth about his defeat. The Wanderer also revealed that she could no longer sense the Planar Bridge technology which indicated that Tezzeret may have intended to be followed.[7]

Ikoria[ | ]

The Wanderer was briefly present on Ikoria, where Vivien Reid saw her cut down a monster before planeswalking away.[15]

Neon Dynasty[ | ]

The Wanderer was briefly able to return to her home plane, meet Kaito, and with the stabilization offered by the Reality Chip, she was able to reconnect with Kyodai and Kaito Shizuki. Before her spark became unstable again, she and the spirit agreed to appoint Light-Paws acting Regent of Kamigawa.[12]

Against New Phyrexia[ | ]

The Eternal Wanderer

The Wanderer, along with other planeswalkers and Mirrans survivors, launch a final assault on New Phyrexia.

The Wanderer and Kaito joined the Gatewatch and other assembled planeswalkers to support the Mirrans' efforts against Elesh Norn on New Phyrexia.[16] However, the presence of a "planar shield" seriously disrupted the Wanderer's spark upon arrival, giving her only enough time to accompany Kaito and Nahiri to the outskirts of a Mirran camp before involuntarily planeswalking away.[4]

While Planeswalking through New Phyrexia, she eventually reached the Hunter Maze and came across Nissa Revane and Lukka fighting Phyrexian beasts. She provided some assistance before forcibly planeswalking away. She returned to and planeswalked away from the two intermittently while helping them slay Phyrexians. Once she met up with them near the center of the Maze, she revealed she knew where Vorinclex was and suggested that they should eliminate him while they had the chance. She planeswalked away before the two travelled to the praetor's chamber, but she returned to see Lukka compleated and bought Nissa time to flee.[6]

Upon her return to the Mirran encampment where she had left Kaito and Nahiri, she discovered it razed to the ground.[4]

Zhalfir[ | ]

After the failed attempt to stop New Phyrexia's Invasion of the Multiverse, the Wanderer ended up on the pocket plane of Zhalfir, where she was temporarily caught in an Amber Prison and reconnected with Teferi Akosa.[17]

Phyrexian Invasion[ | ]

Returning to Kamigawa, the Wanderer arrived just in time to save Kaito once again and kill Tamiyo. Before the Moonfolk died, she beseeched the Wanderer to take care of her son Nashi.[18]

In the aftermath of the invasion, Kaito and the Wanderer led reconstruction efforts on Kamigawa.[19] The Wanderer lost her spark in the Great Desparkening, using this opportunity to travel her home plane while Light-Paws continued ruling as regent.[2] A year and some months after the invasion's end, Ral Zarek visited Eiganjo to ask the Wanderer to track Jace, who had gone rogue, but she was no longer able to do so after losing her spark.[20]

On Duskmourn[ | ]

The Wanderer joined Kaito Shizuki, Niko Aris, Tyvar Kell, and Zimone Wola in their efforts to find and save Nashi from the plane of Duskmourn.[21]

Trivia[ | ]

Artifacts acquired[ | ]

  • The Wanderer has a sword that she uses to channel kinetic energy into powerful attacks.
  • For a short time, she was attached to the Reality Chip.

Planes visited[ | ]

“  The Multiverse is infinite, but I've visited a few hundred at least.  ”

—The Wanderer[7]

Planeswalkers met[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Story appearances[ | ]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
War of the Spark: Ravnica—Ashes Greg Weisman 2019-06-12 War of the Spark Ravnica Rat, Gideon Jura, Tomik Vrona, Lavinia, Ral Zarek, Jace Beleren, Chandra Nalaar, Teferi, Ajani Goldmane, Nissa Revane, Jaya Ballard, Karn, Kaya, Teyo Verada, Isperia, Dack Fayden, Saheeli Rai, Hekara, Vraska, Nicol Bolas, Borborygmos, Samut, Vorel, Sorin Markov, Nahiri, Arlinn Kord, Feather, Liliana Vess, Oketra, Rakdos, Bontu, Niv-Mizzet, Angrath, The Wanderer, Mu Yanling, Jiang Yanggu, Mowu, Vivien Reid, Aurelia, Exava, Lazav
Episode 1: A Stranger in Eiganjo Akemi Dawn Bowman 2022-01-24 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa Kaito Shizuki, Eiko Shizuki, Light-Paws, Swift-Arm, The Wanderer, Katsumasa, Kyodai, Tezzeret
Episode 3: An Unexpected Alliance Akemi Dawn Bowman 2022-01-25 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa Kaito Shizuki, Himoto, Mud-Tail, Tamiyo, Nashi, Jin-Gitaxias, The Wanderer
Episode 4: The Break-In Akemi Dawn Bowman 2022-01-26 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa The Wanderer, Kaito Shizuki, Tamiyo, Kyodai, Light-Paws, Eiko Shizuki, Tezzeret, Jin-Gitaxias
Episode 5: Threads of War Akemi Dawn Bowman 2022-01-26 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa The Wanderer, Kaito Shizuki, Himoto, Tezzeret, Tamiyo, Kyodai, Risona, Light-Paws, Eiko Shizuki, Jin-Gitaxias
The Brothers' War - Chapter 5: Exodus Reinhardt Suarez 2022-10-26 The Brothers' War Dominaria Chandra Nalaar, Nissa Revane, Kaya, Saheeli Rai, Teferi Akosa, Wrenn, Seven, Nahiri, Jace Beleren, Jodah, Elspeth Tirel, The Wanderer, Kaito Shizuki, Tyvar Kell, Lukka, Vraska
Assault on New Phyrexia - Episode 1: Uncontrolled Descent Seanan McGuire 2023-01-13 Phyrexia: All Will Be One New Phyrexia Kaito Shizuki, The Wanderer, Nahiri, Tyvar Kell, Melira
Phyrexia: All Will Be One - Hard as Anger, Bright as Joy Langley Hyde 2023-01-14 Phyrexia: All Will Be One New Phyrexia Nissa Revane, The Wanderer, Lukka, Rothga, Vorinclex, Glissa Sunseeker
Phyrexia: All Will Be One - Alone Miguel Lopez 2023-01-17 Phyrexia: All Will Be One Dominaria Teferi Akosa, Eshe, Oyana, Adia, Jabari, Wezna, The Wanderer
March of the Machine - Episode 3: Mother, Son and Story K. Arsenault Rivera 2023-03-17 March of the Machine Kamigawa Tamiyo, Kaito Shizuki, Himoto, Kaya Cassir, Nashi, The Wanderer, Kyodai
Bloomburrow Episode 1: Calamity Comes to Valley Valerie Valdes 2024-07-01 Bloomburrow Bloomburrow, Ravnica, Kamigawa, Thunder Junction Helga, Nerys, Maha, Mabel, Rosalyn, Foggy, Pip, Clem, Oliver, Ral Zarek, Tomik Vrona, The Wanderer

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