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The Wild Son
Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period December 3–17, 2009
URL The Wild Son
Creative team
Writer(s) Doug Beyer
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Alex Horley-Orlandelli, Steve Prescott
Letterer(s) Jino Choi
Preceded By
The Veil's Curse
Followed By

The Wild Son is a webcomic about Garruk. It follows The Veil's Curse. It was originally published in three parts in December 2009.

Part 1[]

Cursed Garruk delivers a captured warlord to a masked gorgon, in exchange for information about the whereabouts of Liliana Vess. The gorgon proves to be unreliable and rescinds on her promise. When Garruk, who had given his name as Jace Beleren begins to intimidate her, she scares him away by threatening to remove her mask. Garruk walks away but has a back up plan, remembering the lessons he had learned from his father.

Reminiscing, Garruk remembers his youth on an unnamed plane where he lived on a farm with his father - a taskmage named Raklan. ​On his tenth birthday his father taught Garruk his first spell to sprout a seed on the fields. The day took a turn for the dark when a Sheriff from Lord Faldus came to conscript Garruk into Faldus' army. Raklan told Garruk to run and hide in the forest until he would tell him that it was safe to return.

Part 2[]

As Garruk fled the pursuit of soldiers over the next few weeks, his father spoke to him through a listening amulet that he had given Garruk. He warned of the evils and deceptions of people and instructed Garruk to always listen to nature. While on his flight, Garruk's pursuers were scared of by a Baloth. He later found that he could subdue the beast with his magic. Not long after, his father stopped talking.

Part 3[]

Seven years after his flight, a grown Garruk returned to his village with two Baloth's in tow. When the Sheriff showed up, Garruk dared him to confront him one-on-one in revenge for the death of his father. However, the Sheriff told the gullible youngling that his father was still alive. When they entered the dungeon, Garruk only found a skeleton pierced by a sword. He recognized his father by the far-speaking amulet that he wore around his neck. As the Sheriff tried to close the prison cell, a large wurm rose from beneath the castle and killed him. Having learned his last lesson from his father, Garruk left with both amulets.

Back in the present, Garruk listens in on the masked gorgon by way of the far-speaking amulet amulet that he had hidden on the warlord's body. She mentions that Liliana was about to meet someone named Kothophed. This is all Garruk needs to know.

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