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Set 1 of 3 in the Theros block. The two other sets in the Theros block are: the February, 2014, set which was code-named "Romans," is called Born of the Gods and the May, 2014, set, code-named "Countrymen," is called Journey into Nyx.

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Event Information

Prerelease Events September 21–22, 2013
Release Date September 27, 2013
Launch Weekend September 27–29, 2013
Pro Tour Theros Dates October 11–13, 2013
Game Day October 19–20, 2013

Pro Tour Theros Formats

  • Standard Constructed
  • Theros Booster Draft

Top 8:

  • Standard Constructed

Set Contents

Number of Cards 249

Official Three-Letter Code THS


  • Heroic - Whenever you cast a spell that targets creature
  • Monstrosity - If this creature isn't monstrous, put # +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes monstrous.
  • Bestow - If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.
  • Devotion - Each symbol in the mana cost of permanents you control counts towards your devotion to a color.

Release Formats

Available in Booster Packs, Event Deck, Fat Pack

Comments on the set

Twitter Hashtag #MTGTHS

Initial Concept and Game Design Mark Rosewater (lead), Ethan Fleischer, Ken Nagle, Zac Hill, and Jenna Helland

Final Game Design and Development Erik Lauer (lead), Zac Hill, Dave Humpherys, Doug Beyer, Shawn Main, and Tom LaPille

Languages English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Set Art

THS set art

Set art by Jaime Jones for Heliod, God of the Sun

Card List

No. Name Type P T CMC Rarity
001Battlewise ValorInstant 2Theros Common
002Cavalry PegasusCreature — Pegasus112Theros Common
003Celestial ArchonEnchantment Creature — Archon445Theros Rare
004Chained to the RocksEnchantment — Aura 1Theros Rare
005Chosen by HeliodEnchantment — Aura 2Theros Common
006Dauntless OnslaughtInstant 3Theros Uncommon
007Decorated GriffinCreature — Griffin235Theros Uncommon
008Divine VerdictInstant 4Theros Common
009Elspeth, Sun's ChampionPlaneswalker — Elspeth 46Theros Mythic Rare
010Ephara's WardenCreature — Human Cleric124Theros Common
011Evangel of HeliodCreature — Human Cleric136Theros Uncommon
012Fabled HeroCreature — Human Soldier223Theros Rare
013Favored HopliteCreature — Human Soldier121Theros Uncommon
014Gift of ImmortalityEnchantment — Aura 3Theros Rare
015Glare of HeresySorcery 2Theros Uncommon
016Gods WillingInstant 1Theros Common
017Heliod, God of the SunLegendary Enchantment Creature — God564Theros Mythic Rare
018Heliod's EmissaryEnchantment Creature — Elk334Theros Uncommon
019Hopeful EidolonEnchantment Creature — Spirit111Theros Common
020Hundred-Handed OneCreature — Giant354Theros Rare
021Lagonna-Band ElderCreature — Centaur Advisor323Theros Common
022Last BreathInstant 2Theros Common
023Leonin SnarecasterCreature — Cat Soldier212Theros Common
024Observant AlseidEnchantment Creature — Nymph223Theros Common
025Ordeal of HeliodEnchantment — Aura 2Theros Uncommon
026Phalanx LeaderCreature — Human Soldier112Theros Uncommon
027Ray of DissolutionInstant 3Theros Common
028Scholar of AthreosCreature — Human Cleric143Theros Common
029Setessan Battle PriestCreature — Human Cleric132Theros Common
030Setessan GriffinCreature — Griffin325Theros Common
031Silent ArtisanCreature — Giant355Theros Common
032Soldier of the PantheonCreature — Human Soldier211Theros Rare
033Spear of HeliodLegendary Enchantment Artifact 3Theros Rare
034Traveling PhilosopherCreature — Human Advisor222Theros Common
035Vanquish the FoulSorcery 6Theros Uncommon
036Wingsteed RiderCreature — Human Knight223Theros Common
037Yoked OxCreature — Ox041Theros Common
038AnnulInstant 1Theros Common
039Aqueous FormEnchantment — Aura 1Theros Common
040Artisan of FormsCreature — Human Wizard112Theros Rare
041Benthic GiantCreature — Giant456Theros Common
042Bident of ThassaLegendary Enchantment Artifact 4Theros Rare
043Breaching HippocampCreature — Horse Fish324Theros Common
044Coastline ChimeraCreature — Chimera154Theros Common
045Crackling TritonCreature — Merfolk Wizard233Theros Common
046Curse of the SwineSorcery 2Theros Rare
047DissolveInstant 3Theros Uncommon
048Fate ForetoldEnchantment — Aura 2Theros Common
049GainsayInstant 2Theros Uncommon
050Griptide Instant 4Theros Common
051 Horizon ScholarCreature — Sphinx446Theros Uncommon
052Lost in a LabyrinthInstant 1Theros Common
053Master of WavesCreature — Merfolk Wizard214Theros Mythic Rare
054Meletis CharlatanCreature — Human Wizard233Theros Rare
055Mnemonic WallCreature — Wall045Theros Common
056Nimbus NaiadEnchantment Creature — Nymph223Theros Common
057OmenspeakerCreature — Human Wizard132Theros Common
058Ordeal of ThassaEnchantment — Aura 2Theros Uncommon
059Prescient ChimeraCreature — Chimera345Theros Common
060Prognostic SphinxCreature — Sphinx355Theros Rare
061Sea God's RevengeSorcery 6Theros Uncommon
062Sealock MonsterCreature — Octopus555Theros Uncommon
063Shipbreaker KrakenCreature — Kraken666Theros Rare
064Stymied HopesInstant 2Theros Common
065Swan SongInstant 1Theros Rare
066Thassa, God of the SeaLegendary Enchantment Creature — God554Theros Mythic Rare
067Thassa's BountySorcery 6Theros Common
068Thassa's EmissaryEnchantment Creature — Crab334Theros Uncommon
069Triton Fortune HunterCreature — Merfolk Soldier223Theros Uncommon
070Triton ShorethiefCreature — Merfolk Rogue121Theros Common
071Triton TacticsInstant 1Theros Uncommon
072VaporkinCreature — Elemental212Theros Common
073Voyage's EndInstant 2Theros Common
074Wavecrash TritonCreature — Merfolk Wizard143Theros Common
075Abhorrent OverlordCreature — Demon667Theros Rare
076Agent of the FatesCreature — Human Assassin323Theros Rare
077Asphodel WandererCreature — Skeleton Soldier111Theros Common
078Baleful EidolonEnchantment Creature — Spirit112Theros Common
079Blood-Toll HarpyCreature — Harpy213Theros Common
080Boon of ErebosInstant 1Theros Common
081Cavern LampadEnchantment Creature — Nymph224Theros Common
082Cutthroat ManeuverInstant 4Theros Uncommon
083Dark BetrayalInstant 1Theros Uncommon
084Disciple of PhenaxCreature — Human Cleric134Theros Common
085Erebos, God of the DeadLegendary Enchantment Creature — God574Theros Mythic Rare
086Erebos's EmissaryEnchantment Creature — Snake334Theros Uncommon
087Felhide MinotaurCreature — Minotaur233Theros Common
088Fleshmad SteedCreature — Horse222Theros Common
089Gray Merchant of AshphodelCreature — Zombie245Theros Common
090Hero's DownfallInstant 3Theros Rare
091Hythonia the CruelLegendary Creature — Gorgon466Theros Mythic Rare
092Insatiable HarpyCreature — Harpy224Theros Uncommon
093Keepsake GorgonCreature — Gorgon255Theros Uncommon
094Lash of the WhipInstant 5Theros Common
095Loathsome CatoblepasCreature — Beast336Theros Common
096March of the ReturnedSorcery 4Theros Common
097Mogis's MarauderCreature — Human Beserker223Theros Uncommon
098NighthowlerEnchantment Creature — Horror003Theros Rare
099Ordeal of ErebosEnchantment — Aura 2Theros Uncommon
100Pharika's CureInstant 3Theros Common
101Read the BonesSorcery 3Theros Common
102Rescue from the UnderworldInstant 5Theros Uncommon
103Returned CentaurCreature — Zombie Centaur244Theros Common
104Returned PhalanxCreature — Zombie Soldier332Theros Common
105ScourgemarkEnchantment — Aura 2Theros Common
106Sip of HemlockSorcery 6Theros Common
107ThoughtseizeInstant 1Theros Rare
108Tormented HeroCreature — Human Warrior211Theros Uncommon
109Viper's KissEnchantment — Aura 1Theros Common
110Whip of ErebosLegendary Enchantment Artifact 4Theros Rare
111Akroan CrusaderCreature — Human Soldier111Theros Common
112Anger of the GodsSorcery 3Theros Rare
113Arena AthleteCreature — Human221Theros Uncommon
114Borderland MinotaurCreature — Minotaur Warrior434Theros Common
115BoulderfallInstant 8Theros Common
116Coordinated AssaultInstant 1Theros Uncommon
117Deathbellow RaiderCreature — Minotaur Berserker232Theros Common
118DemolishSorcery 4Theros Common
119Dragon MantleEnchantment — Aura 1Theros Common
120Ember SwallowerCreature — Elemental454Theros Rare
121Fanatic of MogisCreature — Minotaur Shaman424Theros Uncommon
122Firedrinker SatyrCreature — Satyr Shaman211Theros Rare
123Flamespeaker AdeptCreature — Human Shaman233Theros Uncommon
124Hammer of PurphorosLegendary Enchantment Artifact 3Theros Rare
125Ill-Tempered CyclopsCreature — Cyclops334Theros Common
126Labyrinth ChampionCreature — Human Warrior224Theros Rare
127Lightning StrikeInstant 2Theros Common
128Magma JetInstant 2Theros Uncommon
129Messenger's SpeedEnchantment — Aura 1Theros Common
130Minotaur SkullcleaverCreature — Minotaur Beserker223Theros Common
131Ordeal of PurphorosEnchantment — Aura 2Theros Uncommon
132Peak EruptionSorcery 3Theros Uncommon
133Portent of BetrayalSorcery 4Theros Common
134Priest of IroasCreature — Human Cleric111Theros Common
135Purphoros, God of the ForgeLegendary Enchantment Creature — God654Theros Mythic Rare
136Purphoros's EmissaryEnchantment Creature — Ox334Theros Uncommon
137Rage of PurphorosSorcery 5Theros Common
138Rageblood ShamanCreature — Minotaur Shaman233Theros Rare
139Satyr RamblerCreature — Satyr212Theros Common
140Spark JoltInstant 1Theros Common
141Spearpoint OreadEnchantment Creature — Nymph223Theros Common
142Stoneshock GiantCreature — Giant545Theros Uncommon
143Stormbreath DragonCreature — Dragon445Theros Mythic Rare
144Titan of Eternal FireCreature — Giant566Theros Rare
145Titan's StrengthInstant 1Theros Common
146Two-Headed CerberusCreature — Hound123Theros Common
147Wild CelebrantsCreature — Satyr535Theros Common
148Agent of HorizonsCreature — Human Rogue323Theros Common
149Anthousa, Setessan HeroLegendary Creature — Human Warrior455Theros Rare
150Arbor ColossusCreature — Giant665Theros Rare
151Artisan's SorrowInstant 4Theros Uncommon
152Boon SatyrEnchantment Creature — Satyr423Theros Rare
153Bow of NyleaLegendary Enchantment Artifact 3Theros Rare
154Centaur BattlemasterCreature — Centaur Warrior335Theros Uncommon
155Commune with the GodsSorcery 2Theros Common
156Defend the HearthInstant 2Theros Common
157Fade into AntiquitySorcery 3Theros Common
158Feral InvocationEnchantment — Aura 3Theros Common
159Hunt the HunterSorcery 1Theros Uncommon
160Karametra's AcolyteCreature — Human Druid144Theros Uncommon
161Leafcrown DryadEnchantment Creature — Nymph Dryad222Theros Common
162Mistcutter HydraCreature — Hydra001Theros Rare
163Nemesis of MortalsCreature — Snake556Theros Uncommon
164Nessian AspCreature — Snake455Theros Common
165Nessian CourserCreature — Centaur Warrior333Theros Common
166Nylea, God of the HuntLegendary Enchantment Creature — God664Theros Mythic Rare
167Nylea's DiscipleCreature — Centaur Archer334Theros Common
168Nylea's EmissaryEnchantment Creature — Cat334Theros Uncommon
169Nylea's PresenceEnchantment — Aura 2Theros Common
170Ordeal of NyleaEnchantment — Aura 2Theros Uncommon
171Pheres-Band CentaursCreature — Centaur Warrior375Theros Common
172Polukranos, World EaterLegendary Creature — Hyrda554Theros Mythic Rare
173Reverent HunterCreature — Human Archer113Theros Rare
174Satyr HedonistCreature — Satyr212Theros Common
175Satyr PiperCreature — Satyr Rogue213Theros Uncommon
176Savage SurgeInstant 2Theros Common
177Sedge ScorpionCreature — Scorpion111Theros Common
178Shredding WindsInstant 3Theros Common
179Staunch-Hearted WarriorCreature — Human Warrior224Theros Common
180Sylvan CaryatidCreature — Plant032Theros Rare
181Time to FeedSorcery 3Theros Common
182Voyaging SatyrCreature — Satyr Druid122Theros Common
183Vulpine GoliathCreature — Fox656Theros Common
184Warriors' LessonInstant 1Theros Uncommon
185Akroan HopliteCreature — Human Soldier222Theros Uncommon
186Anax and CymedeLegendary Creature — Human Soldier323Theros Rare
187Ashen RiderCreature — Archon558Theros Mythic Rare
188Ashiok, Nightmare WeaverPlaneswalker — Ashiok 33Theros Mythic Rare
189Battlewise HopliteCreature — Human Soldier222Theros Uncommon
190Chronicler of HeroesCreature — Centaur Wizard333Theros Uncommon
191Daxos of MeletisLegendary Creature — Human Soldier223Theros Rare
192Destructive RevelryInstant 2Theros Uncommon
193Fleecemane LionCreature — Cat332Theros Rare
194Horizon ChimeraCreature — Chimera324Theros Uncommon
195Kragma WarcallerCreature — Minotaur Warrior235Theros Uncommon
196Medomai the AgelessLegendary Creature — Sphinx446Theros Mythic Rare
197Pharika's MenderCreature — Gorgon435Theros Uncommon
198Polis CrusherCreature — Cyclops444Theros Rare
199Prophet of KruphixCreature — Human Wizard235Theros Rare
200Psychic IntrusionSorcery 5Theros Rare
201Reaper of the WildsCreature — Gorgon454Theros Rare
202Sentry of the UnderworldGriffin Skeleton335Theros Uncommon
203Shipwreck SingerCreature — Siren122Theros Uncommon
204Spellheart ChimeraCreature — Chimera* 33Theros Uncommon
205Steam AuguryInstant 4Theros Rare
206Triad of FatesLegendary Creature — Human Wizard334Theros Rare
207Tymaret, the Murder KingLegendary Creature — Zombie Warrior222Theros Rare
208Underworld CerberusCreature — Hound665Theros Rare
209Xenagos, the RevelerPlaneswalker — Xenagos 34Theros Mythic Rare
210Akroan HorseArtifact Creature — Horse044Theros Rare
211Anvilwrought RaptorArtifact Creature — Bird214Theros Uncommon
212Bronze SableArtifact Creature — Sable212Theros Common
213Burnished HartArtifact Creature — Elk223Theros Uncommon
214Colossus of AkrosArtifact Creature — Golem10108Theros Rare
215Flamecast WheelArtifact 1Theros Uncommon
216Fleetfeather SandalsArtifact — Equipment 2Theros Common
217Guardians of MeletisArtifact Creature — Golem063Theros Common
218Opaline UnicornArtifact Creature — Unicorn123Theros Common
219Prowler's HelmArtifact — Equipment 2Theros Uncommon
220Pyxis of PandemoniumArtifact 1Theros Rare
221Traveler's AmuletArtifact 1Theros Common
222Witches' EyeArtifact — Equipment 1Theros Uncommon
223Nykthos, Shrine to NyxLegendary Land 0Theros Rare
224Temple of AbandonLand 0Theros Rare
225Temple of DeceitLand 0Theros Rare
226Temple of MysteryLand 0Theros Rare
227Temple of SilenceLand 0Theros Rare
228Temple of TriumphLand 0Theros Rare
229Unknown ShoresLand 0Theros Uncommon
230PlainsBasic Land — Plains 0Theros Common
231PlainsBasic Land — Plains 0Theros Common
232PlainsBasic Land — Plains 0Theros Common
233PlainsBasic Land — Plains 0Theros Common
234IslandBasic Land — Island 0Theros Common
235IslandBasic Land — Island 0Theros Common
236IslandBasic Land — Island 0Theros Common
237IslandBasic Land — Island 0Theros Common
238SwampBasic Land — Swamp 0Theros Common
239SwampBasic Land — Swamp 0Theros Common
240SwampBasic Land — Swamp 0Theros Common
241SwampBasic Land — Swamp 0Theros Common
242MountainBasic Land — Mountain 0Theros Common
243MountainBasic Land — Mountain 0Theros Common
244MountainBasic Land — Mountain 0Theros Common
245MountainBasic Land — Mountain 0Theros Common
246ForestBasic Land — Forest 0Theros Common
247ForestBasic Land — Forest 0Theros Common
248ForestBasic Land — Forest 0Theros Common
249ForestBasic Land — Forest 0Theros Common


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