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Cards throughout the Theros block heavily reference Greek mythology. The following is a list of specific analogs and references in concepts and cards within the Theros block.

Theros block[]

  • Before designing the block, Mark Rosewater gave Shawn Main the task of compiling a booklet in order to catalog how Magic has used Greek mythology in the past.
  • While the block has representatives of four of Magics iconic creature types (Demon, Dragon, Hydra and Sphinx), the white representative is missing as Angels are not a part of Greek mythology. Their role has been taken over by Archons for the set.
  • The sets have multiple different creatures types inspired by Greek mythology such as Minotaur, Pegasus, Hydra, Satyr and Centaur. However, in Greek mythology some of these creatures are unique and only a single Minotaur, a single Pegasus and a single Hydra exists, while there are multiple Satyrs and Centaurs.
  • The city of Akros is modeled after the city of Sparta, said to be centered around a more rough and unforgiving lifestyle and known for its warriors. The city of Meletis is modeled after Athens, often thought of as a more civil and refined society. The city of Setessa is styled after the Amazones, focusing on female warriors while men are expected to wander and find their place elsewhere.
  • The Pantheon of Gods has analogs in Greek mythology. Heliod is reminiscent of Zeus and Helios, Thassa of Poseidon and Thalassa, Erebos of Hades and Erebos, Purphoros of Prometheus and Hephaestus, and Nylea of Artemis. Their weaponry also has close analogues, such as Bident of Thassa referring to Poseidon's Trident.
  • The minor gods also mirror deities. Ephara is Athena, Karametra is Demeter etc.
  • The Theriad, an epic story from which excerpts are given through flavor text throughout the block, is a close analogue to the ancient Greek epic poem The Iliad, traditionally attributed to Homer circa 1260 BC.
  • Theros was almost a block that jumped thousands of years between sets. The idea was killed because the creative team didn't have the resources at the time to pull it off.[1]


Born of the Gods[]

Journey into Nyx[]


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