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The Threefold Sun
Kinjalli, the Wakening Sun
Tilonalli, the Burning Sun
Ixalli, the Verdant Sun
Trifold Sun.png
The threefold sun emblem of the Sun Empire. Representing its three aspects: Creative {W}, Sustaining {G} and Consuming {R}
Race Gods
Birthplace Ixalan
Veneration Sun Empire religion
Abode Sky

The Threefold Sun is a deity worshipped in three aspects by the people of the Sun Empire on Ixalan. Its eternal enemy is Aclazotz, Bat God of the Night.

The three aspects[]

  • Kinjalli is the Wakening Sun, who created humans from clay and baked them with the sun's warmth. It is associated with order and structure, as well as the raining season. It is the patron of the empire's founder.[1]
  • Tilonalli is the Burning Sun, associated with ferocity, fire, and passion. It is associated with anger and love, as well as the hot season.[1]
  • Ixalli is the Verdant Sun, who fosters growth in all things. It is associated with fertility and community, and associated with the cold season.[1]

Aside from Ixalli, whose philosophy advocates harmony, the aspects of the sun are associated with the military of the Sun Empire.[1]

Avatars of the Threefold Sun manifest on Ixalan as Dinosaurs. The mighty dinosaur Gishath embodies all three aspects of the sun (creative, nourishing, and destructive) in one terrible form, earning a healthy mix of reverence and fear from the soldiers and priests who seek to harness his strength against their enemies.[2]

In-game references[]

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  • The Threefold Sun bears some resemblance to the Incan sun god Inti. Inti was regarded in three aspects (Apu Inti, Churi Inti and Inti Wawqi), also associated with different seasons and social roles.
  • Notably, this deity bears little resemblance to the actual sun god of the Aztec, Tonatiuh, though the feathered dinosaur iconography is reminiscent of Huitzilopochtli, a hummingbird god of war occasionally associated with the sun.
  • The three-headed elder dinosaur Zacama is a living embodiment of the Threefold Sun.[2]