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Thrulls are creatures animated from dead flesh, usually with black mana,[1][2] though some have been mono-white in a black-white faction. The process of creating thrulls is much different from animating the undead, as thrulls are actually living creatures. Thrulls are often used for ritual sacrifice as their sacrifice releases mana stored in them. It has been noted that the process for creating thrulls is very similar to the process by which Phyrexian newts are created.[3] The creature type Thrulls was first printed in Fallen Empires.

Dominarian Thrulls[]

Sarpadian Thrulls[]

On the continent of Sarpadia, the thrulls were first created by Endrek Sahr as slaves for the Order of the Ebon Hand. Endrek experimented endlessly on thrulls, expanding their use beyond ritual sacrifice into creatures capable of being harvested for armor, assisting in rituals, and eventually as combatants. The thrulls became more self-confident after the visit of Reod Dai, who convinced them to turn on their masters.[4] Intelligent thrull varieties turned the species as a whole against their masters, annihilating the Order and, save for the thallids, eventually wiping out all non-thrull life in Sarpadia.[5] Jherana Rure attempted to lead a counterinsurgency against the thrull army, but was killed by thrull assassins.

The Derelor - Art by Anson Maddocks

Endrek Sahr considered his masterpiece the derelor, but the leaders of the Order of the Ebon Hand deemed it his greatest failure. Much larger than other thrulls, derelors required a constant supply of black mana that put great strains on the Ebon Hand's resources.[6] This eventually led to an order for Sahr's execution. Vaylesh, a priestess of the Order, is known to have summoned a derelor to combat the Farrelites, but it was easily struck down by Tevesh Szat's Fireball.[7]

The thrulls continue to rule the whole of Sarpadia, save for Havenwood, which is left to the thallids.[8] Continuing to evolve, the thrulls became so powerful that they repelled the Phyrexian invaders without the aid of planeswalkers. One breed created by the thrulls themselves are known as cave-stormers; they were bred to seek out orcs hiding in the caves of the Crimson Peaks. Cave-stormers were described as a creature composed of a central mouth ringed with razor-sharp teeth surrounded by eight legs that could charge through orc caves, turning anything it met into a meaty red vapor without decelerating. Sarpadian thrulls have remained singularly focused on their own continent, oblivious to the outside world.[3] 60 years after the Mending, thrulls can also be found in other parts of Dominaria, at least Urborg, under the control of The Cabal.[9]

Phyrexian Thrulls[]

Some thrulls existed on the metal plane of Phyrexia, where they served the same purpose as the earliest Sarpadian thrulls, as receptacles of black mana.[10] It is unknown what their origin was, but given that Yawgmoth's cultists were aware of and at odds with the Ebon Hand at the same time that the Order began breeding thrulls, it appears Phyrexians stole the process for making thrulls from Sahr who himself had stolen Phyrexian devices to create his methods.[3]

Rathi Thrulls[]

Not much is known about thrulls from Rath, save that Volrath kept some in his Stronghold. They may have been brought there from Phyrexia.[11]

Ravnican Thrulls[]

Concept Artwork for Ravnica Thrulls

Orzhov Thrulls[]

Thrulls are a signature race of the Orzhov Syndicate, who use them as unthinking servants. Like Dominarian thrulls, the Orzhov thrulls are created from magically animated dead flesh - sometimes even the dead flesh of prominent guild members who left their bodies behind to become spirits.[12] The thrulls serve multiple purposes, from gatekeepers, mortuary workers, and law-court servants to scouts, messengers, fighters[13], and bodyguards. Orzhov blood allows important guild members to create, communicate, or command thrulls, as well as to restore their bodies and minds after death. Some Orzhov thrulls are created using white mana. Most Orzhov thrulls sport a burnished facemask to cover their grotesque faces.[14]

Rakdos Thrulls[]

The origin of Rakdos thrulls is even more sinister and disgusting than those of the Orzhov. The Rakdos are not overly concerned with their creations' lifespan, as long as they are capable to cause sufficient damage. Unlike most other thrulls, those of the Cult of Rakdos are created using both black and red mana.[15]

Notable Thrulls[]


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Thrull Black Creature — Thrull 0/1
Black Creature — Thrull 1/1

Thrull artifact[]

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