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Thrun, the Last Troll .jpg
Race Troll
Birthplace Tangle, Mirrodin
Lifetime ~4440

Thrun is a troll who protected the outcast Melira during the Mirrans' fight for Mirrodin against the Phyrexians.

Like all the trolls of Mirrodin, Thrun is a wise and knowledgeable creature. He is among the last surviving Mirrans who knows of the heroic victory of Glissa Sunseeker over the tyrannical rule of Memnarch, and the only troll left after The Vanishing.[1] Even before the Phyrexian compleation, he was already aware of the inevitable corruption of the plane, and yet he never spoke of it to anyone, a decision that he would later regret. Thrun decided to wallow in his sadness, alone, until he discovered an infant in the jungle whom he later called Melira. He then learned that she and her unique ability may be the key for the plane's survival.

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