The Time Spiral block is the twelfth block.

It was released in 2006-2007 and consists of the following sets.



The theme of the Time Spiral block is, as the name suggests, time travel, including creatures from the past coming to the present to fight. There are certain, fairly rare cards called Timeshifted cards, which are re-releases of cards from older sets. Time Spiral is set in the Plane of Dominaria.

  • Time Spiral is about the past, including old mechanics and Timeshifted cards.
  • Planar Chaos is about an alternate present. The Color Pie is shifted, and it is based on 'what if' scenarios. Planar Chaos also contains Timeshifted cards, but they are given new names and moved into a different colour. For example, Essence Warden is a green Timeshifted version of the white Soul Warden.
  • Future Sight is about the future. It shows types and mechanics that will probably have key roles in future blocks. Future Sight's variation on Timeshifted cards have new keywords, new abilities, and a new frame. The vanilla Timeshifted cards have a larger art as well (see Blade of the Sixth Pride).


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