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This is a timeline of the Magic: The Gathering storyline. It is an unofficial document, but all information on it is taken from official canon sources (see: list of storyline sources). All stories that could be dated, or couldn't be dated but could be placed at some point in the timeline because of their connection to other stories, have been incorporated to the fullest possible extent. Note that this timeline is not completely accurate, and some events have an estimated date or a date range in which they could have occurred.

Dating systems[]

Main article: Dating systems

The infinite planes of the multiverse do not necessarily carry the same lengths of day, month, or year. However, years seem to pass between planes concurrently in-storyline, so a Ravnican year can be presumed to be the same length as a Dominarian year. See the notes section below the timeline for additional details.


In Cridhe the years are given in relation to the Parting. The only other known date is that of the Mending of the Clan Tree, in 520.[1]


The dates on this timeline are in AR: Argivian Reckoning, with year 0 starting with the birth of Urza. Other known reckonings are Penregon Founded, beginning with the founding of the city Penregon in -912 AR, and the Reckoning of the Sages of Minorad, starting with the gathering in 3000 AR of said sages. A Dominarian year is 420 days long and divided into twelve 35-day months.[2]

Most pre-revision dates were given in the Minorad reckoning, but many can't possibly be true in post-revisionist continuity. Minorad reckoning is only incorporated in the timeline and translated to AR if it can still be true in current continuity.

Another dating system was established by New Sumifans in Almaaz. Its Common Era (CE) starts around 3035 AR (Date of 3000 BCE (Before Common Era) corresponds to times of Brothers, soon after Almaaz joined to Mishra's forces).[3]


Dates on Innistrad are measured using the stages of the moon and the years since Avacyn's creation, commonly shortened to "Ava." There are three seasons on Innistrad: Harvest Moon (autumn), Hunter's Moon (winter), and New Moon (spring). It is unclear how long a season or a year on Innistrad lasts, although Hunter's Moon is said to be the longest and New Moon the shortest.[4]


Ravnica works with AC and ZC, which stand for "Al Concordant" and "Zal Concordant", meaning "Before the Agreement" and "After the Agreement" in Old Ravi, respectively. The agreement, in this case, is the signing of the Guildpact. The D&D Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica establishes the Ravnican date of the Guilds of Ravnica block as 10,076 ZC, which equals ~4560 AR. By this reckoning, the year 0 ZC began during the year -5516 AR (assuming there is both a year 0 AR and a year 0 ZC).[5] A Ravnican year is 365 days, each of its twelve months matching up in length with their Gregorian calendar counterpart.[6]


The Meletian calendar is irregular, with most years being 354 days. About every three years a thirteenth month of 30 days is added for 384 days to account for the misaligned solar year. Months on Theros alternate between 30 and 29 days.[7]


Pre-History (before -25,000 AR)[]


Mythohistory (-25,000 AR to -5000 AR)[]

The Time of Dragons[]


Between -20,000 and -17,000



  • On Dominaria, the Numena rule for 1,000 years before their fall.[14]


  • Nicol Bolas battles a demonic leviathan in a planeswalker duel to take place on Dominaria. The fight reduced Madara to a third of its former size and created the first rift on the world. What remained of the leviathan came to be known as the Talon Gates after Nicol Bolas devoured its remains.[16]

~-12,208 AR (6692 AC)

~-5563 AR (47 AC)

~-5516 AR (0 ZC)

  • The Guildpact is created on the plane of Ravnica after a long war led by the opposing Cisarzim and Razia. Ravnican guilds divide duties across nine guilds for the betterment of the plane as a whole. Ravnica begins its long evolution into a predominantly urban plane.[18]

~-5418 AR (98 ZC)

~-5116 AR (400 ZC)

Time of the Thran (Up to -5000 AR)[11][]

For more detail, see The Thran timeline

Time of Legends (-5000 AR to 0 AR)[11][]

Between -5000 and -440

  • Sivitri Scarzam conquered south-eastern Corondor with the help of her dragons, until they were destroyed with a special potion. Sivitri flees Dominaria on her last remaining dragon.[21]
  • The kingdom of Zhalfir takes shape on Jamuraa.[11]

Between -2500 and -440

  • Dakkon forges the Blackblade for Geyadrone Dihada, who in exchange triggers his spark. Geyadrone Dihada conquers the south of Corondor and turns the nature spirit of Khone into Sol'Kanar the Swamp King. Dihada tricks a young boy from the destroyed village Carth into summoning Dakkon Blackblade and binding them to each other, beginning the Blackblade–Dihadaa War. Dihada and Dakkon fight. Dakkon slays Dihada's minion, the Elder Piru, but Dihada absorbs her power. Dakkon is marked by Dihada as one of her champions but gets back his shadow. The boy from Carth and Dakkon travel to Terisiare. The boy starts the lineage of the Carthalions.[21]
  • Xarl turns the Serra Angel Trine into a Fallen Angel using the Horned Halo and conquers the north of Corondor, ruling for three centuries.[22]
  • Not long after, the adopted son of the magician Xarl, Eskil, summons the angel Rahel to subdue Trine. Eskil is blinded in the final conflict but ascends as a planeswalker.[22]
  • Left by his mistress, Sol'Kanar seeks to restore his power and fight the Fallen Angel in the north. He and two women try to summon the Scarzam Dragons. They succeed, but Sivitri Scarzam also appears and turns against Sol'Kanar. In the aftermath, the city of Khone is destroyed.[21]

~-2440 or earlier

Between -2420 and 0

~-1830 or earlier

From -1440 to -1400

  • Sorin, Ugin, and Nahiri meet on an unknown plane destroyed by the Eldrazi. They hatch a plan to imprison the Eldrazi.[25]

~-1400 or earlier

−912 AR (1 PF)


The Argivian Reckoning (0 AR)[26][]

  • Urza and Mishra are born on the first and last day of the Dominarian year, respectively.[26]

20 to 63 AR

The Brothers' War[]

For more detail, see The Brothers' War timeline
  • Urza, Mishra, and Tocasia discover the Caves of Koilos, in which the portal to Phyrexia is enclosed. The brothers split the powerstone by accident. The conflict between the brothers rises, with Tocasia caught in between. She dies when hit by energy beams from the stones. Mishra flees into the desert and is enslaved by Fallaji nomads. Urza becomes an apprentice clockmaker in Kroog.
  • Urza and Mishra become leaders of their respective sides, and old conflicts draw them into opposition.
  • Gix enters Dominaria and uses the Brotherhood of Gix to infiltrate both sides.
  • The city of Sumifa, capital of Almaaz, is buried by tons of sand by the wizard Porros.[28]
  • The final battle of the Brothers' War takes place on the island of Argoth. Gix makes all the artifact creatures in both armies go berserk. Mishra is revealed to have been altered by Phyrexian constructs.
  • Urza activates the Golgothian Sylex.
    The Sylex Blast obliterates Argoth, turns Urborg into a swamp, and sends all of Dominaria into an Ice Age. Urza ignites his spark and becomes a planeswalker. The Shard of the Twelve Worlds begins to form. Gix and his minions retreat to Phyrexia.
  • The Dark Age begins.

Ice Age (64 AR to 2934 AR)[11][29][]


  • The cooling begins.[29]

The Refraction of Rabiah[]

Before 600 AR

  • Not long after the Sylex Blast on Dominaria, Taysir is born on the plane of Rabiah. During his infancy, an unknown event causes Rabiah to be copied 1000 times. So are all the people, places and objects of the original Rabiah, with few exceptions — only five incarnations of Taysir among them.[30]
  • The Sorceress Queen Nailah seduces the black magic copy of Taysir and tells him that he will become a planeswalker if he unites himself with the other four copies.
    The Black Taysir absorbs the Green Taysir with force, but feels enormous guilt over this and turns against Nailah.[30]
  • The Red Taysir and the White Taysir unite out of their free will and later unite with the Blue Taysir as well. Then Taysir challenges Nailah. The white-blue-red Taysir finally unites with the green-black one to create a single Taysir. The ascended Taysir leaves Rabiah about three decades after its Refraction, never to return to his homeplane again. As he leaves, Nailah casts a ban on the planes of Rabiah and locks Taysir out of the 1001 worlds.[31]

The Dark Age[]


  • Loran dies of an illness. Feldon tries to resurrect her with different types of magic.[32]


  • Jarsyl discovers a spell to open a gateway to Phyrexia. He disappears shortly after this.


  • Under Reod Dai's guidance, the goblin and orc tribes of Sarpadia unite. Reod Dai's magic inadvertently cause Havenwood's Thallids to gain sentience. Reod Dai incites Thrulls' rebellion against their Ebon Hand masters.[33]
  • Driven by colder winters, the goblin and orc tribes of Sarpadia migrate out of their mountains, invading and overthrowing the Dwarven Empire.[33]
  • Tymolin Loneglade is murdered by Oliver Farrel. Her brother, the planeswalker Tev Loneglade goes insane, assumes the identity of Tevesh Szat, the Doom of Fools, and urges the goblins and orcs to attack Icatia.[24]
  • Fleeing from the Homarids that are attacking Vodalia, Empress Galina is accidentally transported over 3000 years into the future. Vodalia falls. Etlan Shiis becomes the new center of Merfolk culture.[34]
  • The Thrulls destroy the Ebon Hand. The Havenwood elves are overrun by the Thallids. Icatia is overrun by the goblin and orc hordes. The Thrulls conquest all of Sarpadia; only some orc tribes (at least until the Phyrexian Invasion) and the Thallids survive.[35]


  • Nevinyrral activates his disk on Urborg, ending the war between Urborg and Bogardan, but destroying Urborg's capital.






Time of Ice[]



  • Sima dies. The grief of this event is the latest in a long line of emotional strains for Jodah, who begins to descend into madness. He saves himself by using his mirror to save his memories, wipe his mind clean and use the memories in the mirror to regain himself, without the emotional attachment. Jodah will repeat this roughly once a century for 2500 years.[37]


  • Taysir comes to Dominaria and falls in love with Kristina of the Woods. They are both trapped when the Shard closes not much later.


  • The Shard of the Twelve Worlds is fully formed, trapping all planeswalkers in a section of the multiverse include Dominaria and eleven other planes.[11]



  • On Dominaria, the city of Sumifa is rebuilt near its old site..[28]


  • Urza meets the defective Phyrexian newt Xantcha. He thinks she's a human turned Phyrexian and takes her along with him in his crusade against Yawgmoth.[8]
  • Urza launches an attack on Phyrexia but is defeated. Yawgmoth corrupts Urza, causing him to degenerate into madness.




  • Urza and Xantcha are brought to Serra's Realm. Serra heals Urza, but his mind has still not fully recovered. Phyrexians eventually follow the two to the Realm and invade it, prompting Serra to flee and Radiant to rise to power.[8]


  • The first Ojanen stands up to his creator, Terrent Amese, who in response creates Ur-Drago to exact his revenge. Scarwood is lost to the cat tribes.[39]
  • Centuries later, the elves of Scarwood are driven away by giant apes, who relocates in the hidden city.[39]




  • Barrin learns the Blare of Doom.[40]
  • Arcades Sabboth is forcibly summoned by Leshrac in a duel with Kristina of the Wood. Kristina is forced to kill Arcades.[41]



Flood Ages (2934 AR to 3285 AR)[11][45][]

The Flood Age[]


  • Kristina leaves Taysir. Ravidel is apprenticed to Taysir. Taysir craves to return home but can't return to Rabiah because of Nailah's spell. Ravidel pushes Taysir to kill planeswalkers and use their energy to pierce the spell, just like Faralyn did to the Shard during the Summit. Taysir hunts down Leshrac but cannot bring himself to kill in cold blood, so he imprisons him in Phyrexia. Ravidel leaves Taysir for an unspecified amount of time.



  • Lim-Dûl returns with an army of undead, beginning Lim-Dûl’s War. Azar, Sahrmal's apprentice defeats him but gets trapped with him in one body. Sahrmal hides the body, for its energies keep 'walkers from entering Shandalar.[46]



  • The Rimewind mage Heidar rises to power to try and reinstate the Ice Age with the help of Garza Zol. He kills Lovisa Coldeyes in his plans before being eliminated by his former ally.[48]


  • The Battle of Kjeldor occurs.
  • Ravidel, wishing revenge on Leshrac, Tevesh Szat, Kristina, and all other people that once betrayed him, starts a long-term plan on Corondor.
  • Ravidel battles Ash Warlord Embereck over the Golgothian Sylex. A bargain is struck and Ravidel gains control of the sylex.

The "Empty Quarter"[]


  • The Gathering of the sages of Minorad. These sages, including Kristina of the Woods, Ash Warlord Embereck, Grenfell Mor of Golthonor, Altair of Coloni, and Liana of Minorad, are visited by Ravidel who threatens them with the Golgothian Sylex. Embereck leaves the council. The others agree to Ravidel's demands: his plans will be left alone, whatever they are.[49]
  • Ravidel banishes Kristina from the White Woods. Grenfell is locked in the sand seas of Golthonor. Altair wanders Corondor for ages. Liana is left under the mind control of Ravidel's own spell squire the Scarlet Vizier. The Vizier talks his way into House Carthalion, hoping that one day a child with the planeswalker's spark will be born in this family of powerful mages and the child will overthrow Ravidel.


  • Lim-Dûl defeats Azar and returns but finds that Shandalar has powerful defenders now. He starts the Wizard's War but loses. Sahrmal removes Lim-Dûl from Azar's body and puts him in an artifact that is used to keep the Planar Ban around Shandalar intact.
  • Arzakon discovers Shandalar but is thwarted by Sahrmal.


  • The guild-lords Alsadim K'mer, Starcryst, Lichlord, Kzzy'n, and the Great Druid rise up against the Guardian, believing they can cast a spell to gain dominion over all of Shandalar. They have been deceived, however, for this spell in truth gives Arzakon access to Shandalar. The artifact that holds Lim-Dûl is shattered and Arzakon arrives, but he is defeated by the second apprentice of Kenan Sahrmal.




  • Ugin and Azor meet to discuss a plan to trap and destroy Nicol Bolas.[52]


Between 3200 and 3306

  • On the night of his daughter's birth, Konda uses Hisoka's research and the soratami's aid to take Kyodai from the spirit realm and lock her into the form of a stone disc that makes Konda immortal. This enrages O-Kagachi, mightiest of kami, and starts the Kami War.[16]

Between 3210 and 3316


  • Urza and Xantcha arrive on Equilor, hoping to learn the origins of the Phyrexians. Urza learns that Dominaria is shielded from the other planes by the Shard, and thinks his crusade has ended. He plans to create an artifact-based paradise on Equilor before the inhabitants ask him to leave.[8]

Between 3215 and 3321

  • Kobo is apprenticed to Hidestugu.

Between 3220 and 3326

  • Michiko Konda sets out to discover her involvement at the beginning of the Kami War. Toshiro Umezawa gets involved in Mochi's plans. Michiko, Toshi, and their companions are captured by the Orochi of the Myojin of Life's Web, who want to kill Michiko to end the war. They escape and Toshi allies himself with the Myojin of Night's Reach to defeat Life's Web.
  • Enraged over the death of his apprentice Kobo at the hands of Choryu, who was taking orders from the wizards of Minamo and the Moonfolk, Hidestugu launches an attack on Minamo Academy and the moonfolk capitol Oboro.
  • O-Kagachi finally manifests in the physical world and demolishes Eiganjo. Toshi brings That Which Was Taken to Minamo to set O-Kagachi against Mochi. The fallen samurai rise as spirits and Konda leads them to reclaim That Which Was Taken.
  • Hidetsugu is sent to the lair of the Oni of All-Consuming Chaos and merges with it. Toshi takes That Which Was Taken from Mochi again and brings it to Michiko, who frees Kyodai from it. The two of them defeat O-Kagachi, Konda, and Mochi, and leave to form the new O-Kagachi.
  • Toshi is taken to Dominaria and blinded by the Myojin of Night's Reach as punishment for indirectly recreating the planar barriers around Kamigawa, denying the Myojin her planeswalking abilities. Toshi survives and starts the Umezawa lineage.
  • Orcs and goblins that survived the ringing of the Apocalypse Chime form a kingdom in the Koskun Mountains.


From 3254 to 3255


  • The Sheoltun Empire begins to collapse after being routed from Terisiare by a flock of Serra Angels that block out the sun.

War With Phyrexia (3285 AR to 4206 AR)[11][]






  • Urza, Barrin and Karn return to Tolaria and are reunited with Jhoira, who is the last survivor on the island. They rebuild the academy. Jhoira falls into a coma.[57]



  • Johan attempts to conquer the Jamuraan city-states of Bryce and Palmyra, but it is stopped by Hazezon Tamar, the Efravan Jaeger Ojanen, Adira Strongheart and her Robaran Mercenaries. However, Jaeger is eaten by a sand wurm.
  • Johan reaches Efrava where he finds Jedit, Jaeger's son. The sorcerer's plan to use Jedit to kill Hazezon and Adira backfire and Johan is forced to flee to Shauku's castle. Jedit and Adira's intervention causes the destruction of the castle: Johan escapes to Tirras.
  • Johan is preparing a fleet of airships to conquest Efrava. Jedit rediscovers Scarwood's secret and forges an alliance with the other cat tribes. In the Battle of Efrava, Johan is eaten by a sand wurm; however, Adira too is killed. Jedit becomes the commander of the Robaran Mercenaries and the cat warriors are free to roam Dominaria.[58]



  • Urza comes to Yavimaya to find allies against Phyrexia, but is imprisoned in an ancient tree for his crimes against Argoth. Multani discovers the Phyrexians are a threat that only Urza can deal with. He frees Urza and grants him the Weatherseed.
  • Kerrick's (now K'rrik) forces escape from a fast-time bubble but are defeated by Urza.




  • Serra arrives on Ulgrotha. She unites the nomad tribes into the city-state Aysen.
  • Some dwarves go through a portal and end up in Ulgrotha. They found the city New Freedom. Some of these dwarves set out across the ocean to explore this new world.[53]
  • Two planeswalkers fight in Ulgrotha. Baron Sengir is left behind. Sengir overtakes New Freedom and turns its princess, Irini, into a vampire.[53][59]
  • The Baron discovers Ravi locked in a vault on top of the Basalt Spire.[53]


  • Urza reveals his Bloodline project and most of Tolaria is now working on it.[60]
  • Croag, a Phyrexian Inner Circle member, is awakened by Yawgmoth to hunt down Urza. He starts sending Negators after Urza.
  • Davvol is taken to Rath to become its new steward.
  • Rofellos is brought to Yavimaya to help craft the forest's defenses against Phyrexia.
  • Karn's memory is capped at 20 years.
  • Gatha leaves Tolaria to start his own Bloodline project in Keld.
  • Nahiri awakens, fights the Eldrazi, and begins her search for Sorin.[61]


  • Feroz arrives on Ulgrotha. He meets Sandruu, a minotaur whom he trains in the use of magic. He also meets Serra. Serra and Feroz fall in love. After meeting the two 'walkers, Baron Sengir decides to lie low for a while.[53]


  • Sandruu ascends. During his travels, he meets Kristina and they become romantically involved.[53]
  • Feroz visits the Floating Isle and creates the Wizards' School there.[53]
  • Ravidel shows Taysir the lovers Sandruu and Kristina. Taysir attacks Sandruu and follows him to Ulgrotha. Sandruu is banished to some faraway plane. Feroz kills Taysir but saves his Centre of Consciousness to be cleansed by the Anaba spirit crafters.
  • Serra and Feroz erect Feroz's Ban around Ulgrotha.





  • Ihsan visits Baron Sengir. He wants to be turned into a vampire so he has the strength to kill the Baron, but Sengir is on to him and turns him into a Shade instead.


  • Torrezon splits into three kingdoms, beginning the Apostasine Wars.
  • The Elder Dragons of Arcavios end the Blood Age and found Strixhaven.


  • Feroz dies in a lab accident. Serra leaves Ulgrotha and is killed on Dominaria by a 'walker who wants her ring. In her passing, she blesses the land of Sursi to create a sanctuary against the dark forces that assailed her followers.[11]
  • Brother Angus starts building the Cathedral of Serra.


  • Elenda of Garrano returns from Ixalan, ending the Apostasine Wars. The Church of Dusk unites power with Queen Miralda of Torrezon, forming the Legion of Dusk. With the sacrament of vampirism brought by Elenda, Torrezon becomes a powerful kingdom.


  • Feroz's Ban collapses.

~3840 (Ava. 1)


  • Croag leads a major attack on Keld. Gatha and Kreig die. Croag is seriously injured. Phyrexia gains access to the ruins of Gatha's laboratory.


  • Adam Carthalion, deceived by Ravidel, is on a quest to become a planeswalker. He wants to stop the new disaster that is about to happen on Dominaria according to the seers. On this quest, he even sacrifices his own wife. Ravidel says he will make Adam a planeswalker if Adam sacrifices his son Jared. Adam refuses. The Battle of Aster Fall takes place.[64]


  • Ravidel discovers Jared Carthalion lives as a street urchin in Arathoxia and begins to send creatures after him.


  • Ravidel launches an attack on Arathoxia. The Scarlet Vizier is killed in the attack, and Liana of Minorad joins Jared's side in the battle. They attack Ravidel's castle and leave him for dead.
  • Late Winter – Jared is apprenticed to Kristina.[49]
  • Deep Spring – Kristina and Jared discover Ravidel is fighting Liana over the Moxen. Liana gives them to Jared and fights Ravidel in the Abyss. Liana is killed.[49]
  • Autumn – Jared and Kristina meet Grenfell Mor, who's been working on a spell to deactivate the Golgothian Sylex. Jared and Kristina become lovers.[49]
  • Autumn – The Nightmare Caliphear frees Altair. The two join Jared and Kristina, and they attack Ravidel. The sylex is destroyed, but Ravidel gets away with the Moxen. Altair is killed.[49]
  • Early Winter – Ravidel erects the Mox Beacon, summoning the planeswalkers that once betrayed him to Corondor and stripping them of their powers. Jared ascends.[49]
  • The planeswalkers race over the continent to retrieve their powers, which are scattered over the land. A massive war follows that destroys most of Corondor. The outcome is unknown.[49]


  • Rofellos fights Phyrexians in Yavimaya while Davvol overlaps it with Rath.
  • Urza meets Lyna of the Soltari.
  • Croag murders Davvol for his failures and his plans to kill Croag himself.









  • Destruction of White Ridge. The wizard Towser intends to sacrifice Greensleeves to steal her power, but his plans are thwarted by Gull, Lily, and Greensleeves herself. The three vow to form an army to fight evil wizards.[66]


  • Rakel is blackmailed by Benalia into killing Gull and Greensleeves, but the two save her. Garth swears to resume his family duty and stop planeswalking.
  • Chaney, before dying of old age, train Greensleeves in the ways of nature magic. Greensleeves becomes a druid.
  • Greensleeves activates the Stone Brain and starts subduing and "tagging" evil wizards in order to stop them from doing harm.[67]


  • Battle of Lat-Nam.
  • Greensleeves, Gull, and Sparrowhawk are reunited.
  • Greensleeves becomes a planeswalker, but she sacrifices her spark to heal the poisoned and ill land of Lat-Nam island. She is declared High Wizard of the Domains.[68]



  • Mangara becomes one of the most powerful men in Zhalfir and even Jamuraa through politics. Mangara's Harmony begins. This golden age eventually ends with Mangara's imprisonment by Kaervek. So starts the Mirage War.







  • Gerrard is born.
  • Later, Phyrexia invades Benalia. Karn rescues Gerrard and brings him to Sidar Kondo.





  • Sisay becomes a cabin 'boy' aboard a pirate ship after being freed from a slaver's ship.

A few centuries before ~4560

The War Years (4195 AR to 4205 AR)[11][]


  • The Mirage War ends. Asmira sacrifices herself to free Mangara. Teferi repairs the timeline. Several years later, Sisay meets Tahngarth.



  • Vuel fails his rite of maturity because of Starke's meddling. He leaves the Kondo clan and, influenced by Starke, steals the Legacy from Gerrard. Karn is deactivated. Vuel wages war against his father and kills him. Phyrexia approaches Vuel. Vuel becomes the new Evincar of Rath: Volrath.


  • Rofellos is killed during a Phyrexian attack on Urborg. Gerrard, Crovax, and Mirri leave the crew.


  • Astor becomes a Keldon Warlord.



  • Volrath abducts Sisay. The Weatherlight crew picks up Gerrard, Ertai, Starke, Mirri, and Crovax and planeshifts to Rath.
  • Keld invades Jamuraa in the Prophecy War.
  • The Weatherlight crew frees Sisay. Crovax kills Selenia, placing the curse of vampirism on himself. Crovax kills Mirri. Ertai and Crovax are left on Rath. Weatherlight leaves for Mercadia.

Phyrexian Invasion (4205 AR to 4206 AR)[]


  • The Weatherlight crew defeats the Phyrexians in Mercadia.
  • Volrath is killed. Ertai is corrupted by the Phyrexians. Crovax is named the new evincar of Rath.
  • Keld starts a war against Jamuraa. Jamuraa wins. Rayne is killed by Greel.
  • The Phyrexian Invasion starts. Urza assembles the Nine Titans. Hanna is killed by a Phyrexian plague. Orim finds a cure for the plague.
  • Benalia is destroyed. Llanowar is severely damaged. Takara is killed. Barrin commits suicide by obliterating all of Tolaria. The Battle of Koilos takes place. The portal to Phyrexia is closed.
  • The Rathi Overlay begins.
  • Tevesh Szat betrays the Titans and kills Daria and Kristina. Szat gets Darigaaz to make the Primevals rise again. Karn talks sense into Darigaaz. Darigaaz dives into a volcano to break the link of the Primevals. Rith and Crosis are imprisoned again. Dromar and Treva are destroyed. Weatherlight is destroyed. Urza kills Szat and powers the soul bombs. Gerrard and Squee are captured by Ertai.
  • Urza joins Phyrexia and kills Taysir. Gerrard joins Phyrexia and battles Urza.
  • Gerrard decapitates Urza. Gerrard turns against Phyrexia again and is transported back to the Stronghold. Gerrard kills Crovax. Squee kills Ertai.
  • The remaining Titans activate the soul bombs. Phyrexia is almost completely destroyed.
  • Karn's memory cap is removed. He discovers a new way to read the Thran Tome. Weatherlight is reborn.
  • Multani transplants part of Yavimaya to the borders of Urborg. Dwarves make the volcano in which the Stronghold is now situated erupt.
  • Yawgmoth enters Dominaria as a death cloud. Eladamri, Lin Sivvi, Bo Levar and Commodore Guff die, along with what is surely billions of Dominarians.
  • The Legacy is completed. Yawgmoth is slain by the combined power of The Legacy. Karn ascends.


The Rift Era (4206 AR to 4500 AR)[11][]



  • Chainer discovers the Mirari. Kirtar and Aboshan try to use the Mirari, but are killed in the process.[71][72]
  • Chainer overthrows the Cabal Patriarch. Kamahl kills Chainer. Cabal City is destroyed.
  • Balthor defeats Burke, becoming a zombie in the process. Kamahl goes into the Krosan Forest to look for Thriss.
  • Jeska is brought to Seton after a Mirari-influenced Kamahl strikes her. Kamahl kills the zombie Balthor and Laquatus. Kamahl becomes a druid and leaves the Mirari in Krosa.
  • The Mirari's mutating waves spread across Otaria.
  • Braids kills Seton and brings Jeska to the Cabal Patriarch.


4306, Karona's War

  • Thousands of Dominarians immigrate to Otaria.
  • Jeska becomes Phage and kills Nivea. Ixidor creates Akroma. Kamahl and Phage lead a war against Ixidor and Akroma. Phage creates the Deathwurms. Ixidor is devoured by a deathwurm. Kamahl goes into exile in Krosa.
  • Zagorka discovers the city of Averru. Kuberr is reborn out of the union between Phage and the Cabal Patriarch. Lowallyn is reincarnated in the form of Ixidor after he leaves the deathwurm.
  • Akroma and Phage finish their war in Averru. Kamahl slays Phage, Akroma, and Zagorka. Karona is born.
  • Karona leaves Dominaria, leaving it without mana. After a meeting with Karn, Karona returns to Dominaria, where she destroys Aphetto and the Grand Coliseum, kills Llowalyn and Kuberr, and trashes Averru. Sash and Waistcoat kill Karona.
  • Jeska ascends. Karn takes her to Argentum. Karn turns the Mirari into Memnarch. Phyrexian Oil pollutes Argentum.


  • Memnarch goes insane and renames Argentum as Mirrodin.[73]
  • The Ur-Golems have a wondrous society on Mirrodin, until Memnarch destroys them.
  • Memnarch brings many living things to Mirrodin via the Soul Traps.
  • The Phyrexian oil creates the Mycosynth and makes sure the line between artificial and natural creatures starts to blur on Mirrodin.
  • Memnarch thinks Karn visits him regularly, but that's just delusions. He subconsciously excludes the real Karn from Mirrodin. Memnarch wants to become a planeswalker and starts to launch the Moons of Mirrodin: gigantic artificial mana batteries that will power Mirrodin after it is turned into a machine to transfer the planeswalker's spark of one of Mirrodin's inhabitants into Memnarch.
  • Glissa starts to uncover the mysteries of Mirrodin. The final moon of Mirrodin is launched. Yert dethrones Geth. The Mephidross expands rapidly. Glissa is caught in a temporal trap.
  • Taj-Nar is destroyed. Glissa emerges from the temporal trap. The Battle of Krark-home begins.
  • Memnarch transports Glissa's spark to his own body, but both die before the process is completed. All life on Mirrodin ends. Slobad gets the spark and ascends.
  • Karn returns to Mirrodin. Slobad gives up his spark to resurrect all people on Mirrodin and transport the original generations home. Karn turns Memnarch back into the Mirari.
  • Slobad, Glissa, and Geth's decapitated head are left on Mirrodin by Karn to guard the Mirari. Slobad is almost immediately killed by goblins. Glissa flees into the heart of Mirrodin, where she is captured by Phyrexians and is compleated. Geth flees to the Mephidross and begins his partnership with Phyrexia.
  • Liliana's spark ignites and the Lich Josu Vess is created from her brother.

~4446 AR (~9962 ZC)

~4449 AR (9965 ZC)

  • 15 Mokosh – The Schism, a rift that connected Agyrem with the plane of Ravnica, is created by the Izzet magelord Zomaj Hauc.[75]

~4484 AR (10,000 ZC)

~4496 AR (10,012 ZC)

Temporal crisis[]


  • The collective impact of the Sylex Blast, the Shard, the Tolarian time travel experiments, the Rathi Overlay, and Karona starts to be felt, as mana-sucking rifts begin to open all over Dominaria. Magic, time and reality becomes increasingly unstable, and it is more difficult to planeswalk on Dominaria.[45]
  • Teferi, Jhoira and a pair of Viashino and Ghitus return from their self-imposed exile to find Dominaria in a state of decay. Teferi begins work to try to return Zhalfir and Shiv to Dominaria without further damaging the plane.
  • Nicol Bolas is revived.
  • Teferi gives up his spark in order to close the Shivan time rift. Freyalise dies closing the Skyshroud rift. Lord Windgrace imbues Urborg with his essence and dies closing the Urborg rift. Karn disappears after closing the Tolarian rift. Nicol Bolas destroys the Honden of Night's Reach and turns the Myojin's followers against her.
  • Jeska falls under the manipulation of Leshrac. She closes the rift over Zhalfir but ends up destroying Zhalfir in the process. She then closes the rift over Yavimaya, but damages the ecosystem and possibly destroys Multani. She attempts to close the rift over Madara, but Leshrac's plot is revealed. He attacks Nicol Bolas with an artifact given to him by the Myojin of Night's Reach. Bolas is able to beat Leshrac using the actual mask of Night's Reach. He uses an enthralled Leshrac to close the Madaran rift.
  • Jeska gives her life to close the final rift over Otaria.

The Mending Era (4500 AR to Present)[]


  • The Great Mending takes place: all remaining fractures heal, first in Dominaria then spreading throughout the Multiverse in a chain reaction. Mana again flows freely throughout Dominaria, returning life and hope to the dying world. Planeswalkers lose their immortality and godlike powers and much of their additional magic power. All existing means of traveling between planes without a spark cease to function.[72]
  • Teferi sets out to become a mage of Suq'Ata. Jhoira meets with a man claiming to be Jodah. Radha unifies the Keldons and remaining Skyshroud Elves. Venser departs Dominaria to explore the planes.
  • On Kaladesh, Avaati Vya manages to successfully refine aether. An era of prosperity called the Great Aether Boom follows.
  • On Amonkhet, Nicol Bolas arrives and destroys the civilization there to make way for his own plans.
  • On Ravnica, Agyrem is split off from Ravnica.[77]
  • On Kamigawa, the Modern Age begins.[78]
  • On Zendikar, Nissa Revane is born.[79]




  • Oona's acts of interfering with Lorwyn's natural linear progression is ended by the rebellion put into motion by Colfenor. Oona's duplicate, Maralen, assumes control of the plane with the help of Colfenor's sapling and the elemental Ashling. Maralen restores the normal flow of day and night over the plane.
  • Nissa Revane journeys to Lorwyn before the Great Aurora and studies black mana under the elves of the Gilt-Leaf.















~4554 (Ava. 715)



  • Chandra surfaces on Zendikar looking for a ruin sage named Anowon, and with him, searches for the Eye of Ugin. They encounter Sarkhan once they reach the eye and he plans to sacrifice Chandra for unknown reasons. Jace appears and assists Chandra, striking an uneasy truce to defeat Sarkhan. Their actions trigger a reaction in the Hedrons surrounding the Eye. Chandra and Sarkhan leave the plane the same day, Jace leaves 2 weeks later.
  • Sarkhan returns to Bolas's Meditation Realm to inform the dragon of the events that transpired at the Eye. Bolas reveals Tezzeret's body, in the midst of being rebuilt, to Sarkhan.
  • Bolas finishes his efforts to restore Tezzeret's mind and body, giving him the task to find the secret of Etherium from Crucius the Mad. Ultimately successful, Bolas then sends Tezzeret to Mirrodin, having become aware of the Phyrexian taint spreading on that plane.
  • The events of In the Teeth of Akoum occur.[95]
    • Nissa Revane and her Tajuru allies are attacked by Eldrazi brood lineage. Sorin Markov shows up and deals with the remaining brood, recovering Anowon after 3 months of enslavement by the Eldrazi in the process. Nissa agrees to lead him to Akoum. Upon arrival, the elf and the vampire argue with each other, which results in Nissa breaking the central hedron in the Eye of Ugin. The Eldrazi Titans are freed.
  • Gideon Jura followed Chandra to Zendikar, but lost her track around the Eye of Ugin. He stayed at Fort Keff and defeated a handful of brood lineage that attacked the fort. Upon seeing Emrakul on the horizon, he fled, knowing he didn't stand a chance against the monstrosity. He leaves Zendikar for Ravnica to petition the help of an organization of planeswalkers.
  • Koth encounters Elspeth and Venser on Urborg. He enlists their help in dealing with the Phyrexian corruption taking place on Mirrodin. Ultimately, weeks (if not months) later, they succeed in freeing Karn at the cost of Venser's life.[95]
  • The archangel Avacyn and the demon Griselbrand, to whom Liliana owes a portion of her soul, disappear from the plane of Innistrad.


  • Sorin returns to his homeplane of Innistrad after the fiasco on Zendikar to find it destroying itself.
  • Niv-Mizzet begins extensive research into the nature of the Implicit Maze, appointing Ral Zarek as the lead researcher.
  • Gideon Jura arrives on Ravnica to find tensions increasing amid the rise of the Gateless and the resurgence of the guilds. Knowing he has little choice, he places his search for allies on hold, having had little success anyways.
  • Garruk pursues Liliana to Innistrad, intent on having her remove his curse or killing her for inflicting it upon him. After a few months of searching, Liliana tracks Griselbrand's disappearance to the Helvault and manipulates Thalia into destroying it (Ava. ~719).[95]
  • Jace finishes his own research concerning the Implicit Maze. Shocked by the answers he discovered, he erases his own memory, effectively losing 6 months of his life. However, the activities of House Dimir draw him back in. Niv-Mizzet orchestrates the running of the Implicit Maze. Jace becomes the Living Guildpact.[95]
  • Elesh Norn seizes power over the red and black factions of New Phyrexia.
  • Koth attempts to assassinate the ascendant Elesh Norn with an incredibly powerful spellbomb, forcing Elspeth to leave New Phyrexia for Theros. Koth escaped alive into the bowels of the furnace layers. He hopes that the Mirran resistance can one day overthrow the Phyrexians.
  • The Legion of Dusk arrive on the continent of Ixalan.[99]


  • Xenagos enacts his plans to manipulate the gods into confronting each other, forcing Kruphix to enact the Silence, removing them from Theros and leaving his path open to ascend to godhood.[95]
  • Following a battle in Akros, Xenagos ascends in the Great Revel, throwing off the balance of power in Theros.
  • Daxos dies at 22 years old.
  • Alongside Ajani, Elspeth Tirel enters the realm of Nyx to topple the new god though it ultimately costs her life.
  • Sorin Markov arrives on Tarkir and releases Ugin from the hedron cocoon. Sorin tells Ugin about the release of the Eldrazi, and Ugin dismisses him and demands that he seek out Nahiri.
  • Sarkhan Vol returns to the present; Tarkir's clans are ruled by dragonlords. He seeks out Ugin and explains his own role in the release of the Eldrazi, and in saving Ugin's life. He leaves Ugin and meets with Narset, a planeswalker he had met in an alternate timeline.[95]
  • These events happened in an alternate timeline Tarkir:
    • Sorin Markov arrives on Tarkir and seeks out Ugin. He discovers that Ugin is long dead, and despairs of saving the multiverse from the Eldrazi.
    • Sarkhan Vol, drawn by a voice in his mind, planeswalks to Tarkir and seeks Ugin. He is joined by Narset, who is merely a monk in this timeline. When they arrive at Ugin's tomb, Zurgo Helmsmasher attacks them and kills Narset. Sarkhan enters a time portal and arrives in Tarkir's past, around the year 3285, where he alters the plane's timeline by saving Ugin's life after a duel with Nicol Bolas.[55] The resulting temporal anomaly forcibly returns him to a modified present-day Tarkir.
  • Davriel Cane arrives on Innistrad
  • Preparations for the Inventors' Fair begin on Kaladesh[100]
  • Ajani visits Tamiyo on Kamigawa
  • Tamiyo arrives on Innistrad from Kamigawa, and begins her investivation
  • After one month on Kamigawa, Ajani travels to Kaladesh[101]

Between ~4559 and ~4561

  • At some point after encountering Liliana first, then Jace, Garruk Wildspeaker encounters Oko and falls under his spell.

Gatewatch Era[]


~4560, ~6 Months before the Hour Devastation [100]

~3 Months before the Hour of Devastation

~1 Month before the Hour of Devastation

The Hour of Devastation

~40 Days after the Hour of Devastation

  • Jace is found by Vraska and joins the crew of the Belligerent

~2 Months after the Hour of Devastation

  • Jhoira finishes gathering her crew.
  • Ajani planeswalks to Dominaria.

~3-4 Months after the Hour of Devastation

~4-5 Months after the Hour of Devastation

  • The Gatewatch and the crew of the Weatherlight defeat Belzenlok with the help of the Blackblade. Nicol Bolas takes control of Liliana Vess.
  • On Ravnica, tensions between the guilds rise, as Nicol Bolas has been warping them to his needs. They also fight internally between the forces pulling them toward or away from Bolas's influence.

~5 Months after the Hour of Devastion

  • Saheeli is working on a project on Dominaria
  • Huatli becomes romantically involved with Saheeli[105]


War of the Spark[]

~4560 AR (10,076 ZC), ~4-5 Months after the Hour of Devastation

After the War[]


~4561, ~18 Months after the Hour of Devastation


Notes on the timeline[]

Since some parts of the timeline are open to interpretation this section was created to show which of them could be different, and why the current version was chosen. This section will not include an argumentation for all dates and the placing of undated events, because dates are often just given in the books, and most un-dated events have to have happened between certain dated events because of the characters or nations present.

Year Zero[]

The Argivian Reckoning explicitly uses a year zero corresponding to the year of Urza's and Mishra's births.[119] Other dating systems, especially the Ravnican timeline, have been implied to use year zeroes as well, with years commensurate across planes.[5]

The Thran[]

The book "The Thran" gives dates of all events in the "The Time of the Thran" part of this timeline in relation to the Thran-Phyrexian War (9 years prior, 2 years prior, etc.). The date for the war itself is given in Apocalypse, where Yawgmoth says the war ended 9000 years ago. For this timeline, the Thran-Phyrexian War has been estimated to happen 5000 years before the Brothers' War. Consequently, all the events narrated in the books are here reported following the same description provided in "The Thran", and under the summary indication of happening around -5000 AR. So all dates in the "The Time of the Thran" section are correct in relation to each other, but they could be some years off in relation to the other dates on the timeline. Note that in Invasion, Tsabo Tavoc said the Thran-Phyrexian War ended 6000 years ago. Since Yawgmoth was there, his statements have been taken over those of Tsabo.

The Art of Magic: the Gathering - Dominaria places the 'Time of the Thran' at 'up to around -5,000 AR', ending with the Thran-Phyrexia War, placing this date officially at about -5000 AR.[11]

Arabian Nights[]

The dates of the events of Arabian Nights comic and life of Taysir are roughly estimated, based on The Story of the Battlemage Ravidel, which places the birth of Taysir soon after the end of the Brothers' War. Refraction of Rabiah happened still in his infancy. He left the plane as an adult, about three decades later (although it's only an impression of his age derived from the art in the comic). Some sources place Antiquities War comic after Arabian Nights, but one of them also reminds that in fact, the Antiquities War comic is a narrative made by Taysir after he was trapped in the Shard and researched the mysteries of this ancient conflict.

Duels of the Planeswalkers[]

Although it is not given a specific date, the 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers takes place just before Rise of the Eldrazi, placing it in roughly 4557. It contains bios on each of its planeswalker characters, listing their ages as: Garruk Wildspeaker, 36; Liliana Vess, "over 200"; Jace Beleren, 23; Ajani Goldmane, "appears" 30; Chandra Nalaar, 20; Nicol Bolas, "over 20,000"; Dack Fayden, 30; Elspeth Tirel, 24 (sparked at 13, squire at 17, knight at 20); and Nissa Revane, "appears" 28.

For this timeline to work, Elspeth must have been born in 4532, Chandra must have been born at an earlier time of year in 4537, and Daxos must have been born at a later date that same year. In 4545, Elspeth sparks at age 13 and meets Daxos on Theros before he turns 8. She squires on Bant in ~4549 and is knighted in ~4552. In 4557, Duels of the Planeswalkers occurs after Chandra has turned 20, but before Elspeth has turned 25. Theros happens in 4559 after Daxos has turned 22, while Elspeth is 27.

Homelands events[]

The WotC Timeline places it between 3800 and 4130. The timeline in the Homelands comic gives no dates in the AR calendar but gives a chronology of events that takes 600 years, far longer than the 330 years in the WotC timeline. Placing 3800 as the 'Present Day' of the Homelands timeline is the only interpretation of the official timeline that works with what we know of The Kami War. Because this event has to happen at least 1,000 years before 4306 AR (according to Bolas in Future Sight), the only reasonable assumption is that the 'current' date for the Homelands timeline is 3800, not 4196. Serra's death has been placed as 3780 AR, confirming this interpretation of the timeline.[11]

Kamigawa dates[]

In Time Spiral, Nicol Bolas states: "The schism became a source of misery before Karona’s War by a millennium or more. When poor, mad little Ravi rang her terrible bell and the Garden ceased to exist, the echoes of that destructive chime reached far and wide, all the way to the Talon Gates and the rift they attend. The tolling of Ravi’s chime opened the rift wider and deeper, extending it all the way across the cosmos to another realm." This line establishes The Apocalypse Chime has happening AT LEAST a millennia before the Karona's War (3306 AR). It also had to happen after Ravi rang the Apocalypse Chime, placing it where it ended up.

The storyline of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty takes place five years after Tezzeret burned Nashi's village, was mind wiped, and was picked up by Nicol Bolas, placing it around 4561.[91][5] Ten years earlier, he caused the Emperor's spark to ignite.[120] Twelve months after that, Kaito Shizuki's spark ignited when he was 15 years old.[92] The Wanderer was about the same age as him.[83] The set also takes place 1,200 years after the original block, placing the end of the Kami War between ~3261-~3361.[121][122][123][124]

The Reckoning of the Sages of Minorad[]

Many pre-revisionist events have been given in this reckoning, but they are often just plain wrong in revisionist continuity. The Fallen Empires comic says it takes place over a millennium before the Ice Age, while post-rev sources put it only 280 years prior to the ice. Another big event, the Planeswalker War on Corondor, is said to have happened more than a millennia after the gathering of the sages, but this would put it after the Phyrexian invasion, and since several planeswalkers that died during the invasion are major players in the 'walkers war this can be considered an obsolete date.

Most events have been given a post-rev date by WotC because they are tied to a set and thus on their official timeline (such as Fallen Empires and Homelands). The Shadow Mage, Wayfarer and the Planeswalker War had for a long time not been given an official date, but because we know how much time happens between them, we can deduce their post-rev dates: the War happens 70 years after Sandruu's banishment and Wayfarer in the same year as the war. The chapters of Shadow Mage each give the age of Jared Carthalion at that time, and since his age is given as 16 in Wayfarer, the placing of those chapters can be deduced as well. The Planeswalker War has now officially been given dates between 4195 AR and 4205 AR.[11]


The events of Mirrodin were a continuity problem. The flavor text of several cards in Mirrodin mention the events of the Mirrodin Cycle taking place millennia after Karn's disappearance from the plane.[125] However, the events of Planar Chaos make it obvious that Mirrodin took place before the Time Spiral Cycle. Karn states that the plane hasn't seen conflict in a century. However, it was stated that the rifts allowed Memnarch's delusions to become quasi-real.[126] So one can deduce that thousands of years played out in the golem's mind, while on the outside only a few hundred years have passed.


The D&D Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica establishes the Ravnica year of the Guilds of Ravnica block as 10,076 ZC, placing the events of the original Ravnica block 76 years in the past. The guide also confirms that the Ravnican years are 365 days long. If 10,076 ZC is roughly equivalent to 4560, The length of Ravnican years must be roughly commensurate with Dominarian years for the original Ravnica Cycle to occur before the Mending.

In The Gathering Storm multiple weeks are mentioned as passing between Vraska arriving on Ravnica and the War of the Spark.

In Note for a Stranger, which itself takes place over atleast five days, Huatli mentions she has been on Ravnica for "two months", which came after spending a "few days" on Kaladesh. We know all this must happen after Huatli meets Saheeli in Rivals of Ixalan, but before they have already been reunited in War of the Spark. Comparing this to how much time is said to pass between Jace planeswalking from Ixalan to Dominaria (which happened before Huatli leaving Ixalan), and when Belzenlok is defeated (which is established to be the day before the War of the Spark), we can tell that Huatli probably arrived on Ravnica soon after leaving Kaladesh, and started dating Saheeli shortly before the War of the Spark.


In Homesick, Nissa states "But her friend—her best friend, her constant companion for two score years—couldn't answer." Nissa's Origin: Home is when she first awakens her animist powers, which would be two score (or 40 years) previous to Homesick. The Great Aurora occurs during Nissa's Origin, placing Lorwyn as occurring 40 years before Kaladesh.


The events of the Zendikar storyline can only vaguely be established thanks to Chandra's theft of the scroll in The Purifying Fire and Jace's experiences working as an agent of the Consortium to retrieve the scroll that Chandra stole. Roughly 3 years passed since Chandra acquired the scroll the first time, and Sarkhan Vol's presence tracking Chandra (apparently there for less than a year) indicates that the Zendikar story takes place after Alara as well.

While Chrandra recalls there having been between one and three years passing since last last visit to Zendikar when she returns in Battle for Zendikar, based on Elspeth's age when her spark ignites and she first visits Theros, Daxos's ages on both of Elspeth's visits to Theros, Elspeth and Chandra's ages given in Magic 2014/Duels of the Planeswalkers, and what Ajani did between the events of Theros and Kaladesh, one can calculate that close to three years probably passed. This is also consistent with Charandra's age durring the events of Magic 2014/Duels of the Planeswalkers and Kaladesh.


The timeline of Tarkir was altered when Sarkhan Vol traveled back in time and saved Ugin from Bolas.


Some of the pieces of side-content from the original Innistrad storyline are dated and take place between Ava. 699 and 719, with the only major crossover to the main story being the war between Geralf and Gisa Cecani, which begins after the burning of the Cecani manor in late Ava. 715 and is ongoing at the end of the story in Ava. 719. If the original Innistrad set takes place in Ava. ~719 and corresponds with 4558 AR, it would place Avacyn's creation and Ava. 1 in ~3840 AR. According to the Shadows Over Innistrad story "A Gaze Blank and Pitiless," Avacyn is said to have first appeared and killed Liesa and her flight "a thousand years" before 4559 (only 719 years after 3840 AR), but it is possible this number is an approximation. According to the story Unwelcome, Sorin has been a pariah of his family for "hundreds of years at least. Maybe longer," although in Promises Old and New he is stated to have not attended a vampire banquet in "over a thousand years." It took Sorin "six milennia" to come up with his plan to create Avacyn.[127] This places Edgar's ritual within a thousand years of -2160 AR, with his birth not long before.

Sorin sealed the Eldrazi on Zendikar "more than 6,000 years" before Battle for Zendikar block and by then was already "at least a thousand years old."[25] Assuming the sealing would have been less than 7,000 years earlier, this places it between about -2441 and -1442 AR, and Sorin's birth in or before -2442.

Children of the Nameless takes place approximately 1 year after the events of Shadows over Innistrad.[128]


Yahenni states that they have 54 days left to live in Born of Aether, which takes place the evening of the day Chandra, Liliana, and Nissa arrive on Kaladesh. Yahenni has 12 minutes left in In the Dead of Night, before gaining an additional 22 days through vampirism. Yahenni's penultimate party and passing away occurs at the very end of the story, making Kaladesh Block roughly 76 days from beginning to end.

Yahenni's party happened one month after the Gatewatch arived on Kaladesh. Tezzeret was defeated within two months of the Gatewatch ariving. The hour of devistation happens "a few weeks" after the defeat of Tezzeret.


Tishana feels Jace attempt to planeswalk twice, one the day of the race to Orazca and two month prior. Jace attempts to planeswalk three time. Imediately after ariving on Ixalan, fourty days later on the day he is found by Vraska, and "several weeks" later on the day of the race to Orazca. Thus two months must have passed between Jace being found and the race. Before leaving Ixalan Jace noted that Gideon had "been trying to foist a workout regimen on [him] for a year now," so it is possible that the entire Gatewatch era to that point had last a couple more months than estimated.


The 4561 AR approximation for the events of Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest assumes that Will Kenrith and Rowan Kenrith sparked after the War of the Spark.


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  128. "What's this?" he asked, pointing. "Why did your people remove the symbol?" "Well," Tacenda said, "after that business last year, the prioress decided..." "Business last year?" Davriel said with a frown. "What business is this?" "With the angels?" Tacenda said He shook his head, then glanced at Miss Highwater, who seemed amused. Even Crunchgnar raised an eyebrow