Timeline/The Brothers' War

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The Brothers' War


  • Urza and Mishra are born on the first and last day of the year, respectively.


  • The brothers are apprenticed to Tocasia.


  • Urza and Mishra's father, an Argivian noble, dies.


  • Urza and Mishra discover the remains of an Ornithopter.


  • The brothers and Tocasia discover the Caves of Koilos, in which the portal to Phyrexia is enclosed. The brothers split the powerstone by accident. Conflict between the brothers rises, with Tocasia caught in between. She dies when hit by energy beams from the stones. Mishra flees into the desert, and is enslaved by Fallaji nomads. Urza becomes an apprentice clockmaker in Kroog.


  • Urza marries the princess of Yotia. Mishra gains control over a Phyrexian dragon engine and becomes the Fallaji's head 'wizard'.


  • Tawnos and Ashnod are apprenticed by Urza and Mishra, respectively.


  • Korlisia, Argive, Yotia and the Falajji meet on a peace conference in Korlis. This ends in disaster. The Warlord of Yotia dies, leaving Urza in charge. Mishra recruits more dragon engines from Phyrexia.
  • The priests of Gix leave their monastery for Koilos.


  • A new peace conference in Kroog also ends disastrously and is the official beginning of the Brothers' War.
  • Kroog is destroyed by dragon engines. The Qadir of the Fallaji is killed. Mishra is appointed the new Qadir.
  • Gix enters Dominaria.


  • The Brothers' War rages on. The Carthalion family joins Mishra's side of the battle.





  • Argive and Korlis effectively unite. Urza is appointed Lord Protector of the combined kingdoms.


  • The combined kingdoms invade and liberate Yotia. Yotia is subsumed into Argive and Korlis.


  • Urza's forces press towards Tomakul, where Mishra is situated. The forces are routed ten miles from the city. Tawnos is captured.


  • Ashnod helps Tawnos to escape. The Brotherhood of Gix discover this and persuade Mishra to banish her. Ashnod leaves for Almaaz. Tawnos returns to Argive. Harbin begins training as an ornithopter pilot. Mishra's forces begin to attack Terisia City.


  • The Gixians betray the Third Path. Terisia City falls. Hurkyl is killed. Drafna, Feldon and Loran flee. Loran is later captured by Ashnod, who takes the Golgothian Sylex.



  • Gix lures Urza and Mishra to Argoth. The brothers strip the island of its resources during their battles.


  • The final battle of the Brothers' War takes place. Gix makes all the artifact creatures in both armies go berserk. During the battle Ashnod hands the Sylex to Tawnos before she is killed by Gix. Tawnos gives it to Urza. Mishra is revealed to have been altered by Phyrexian constructs.
  • Urza activates the Sylex.
    The blast obliterates Argoth, turns Urborg into a swamp, and sends all of Dominaria into an Ice Age. Urza ascends. The Shard of the Twelve Worlds begins to form. Gix and his minions retreat to Phyrexia.
  • In the aftermath of the war, Argive, Yotia, Yomuk, Malpiri, and Korlis collapse. Almaaz is the only city-state on Terisiare to remain intact. The Dark Age begins.