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Timeshifted cards are a feature of the Time Spiral block. They are cards from other expansions that have been reprinted in some way in the block. However, the specific way in which the reprints are handled is different for each set.

Timeshifted in Time Spiral[ | ]

TSP Timeshifted expansion symbol

The purple Time Spiral symbol used for Timeshifted cards.

In the Time Spiral set, timeshifted cards make up a 121-card subset comprised entirely of pre-Mirrodin reprints, tying in with the set's theme of revisiting the past. Each card in the subset features the old 7th Edition card frame and has a new purple expansion symbol to denote their unique rarity. One timeshifted card appears in every Time Spiral booster pack, making the cards roughly 50% rarer than rare cards, which also appear once per pack but comprise of only 80 cards. However, in the Time Spiral Preconstructed Decks, timeshifted cards are treated as though they had their original rarity, as each deck features several of the timeshifted cards that were originally common, including multiples of the same card.

Timeshifted in Planar Chaos[ | ]

The 45 timeshifted cards in Planar Chaos (also known as planeshifted or colorshifted) represent cards being reprinted from an alternate reality. They are each functionally identical to an old card, with the crucial exception of their color. These changes range from being reasonable within the scope of the modern Color Pie (such as Prodigal Pyromancer, which even became a basic set staple), to being a radical departure from a color's ordinary abilities (such as Mana Tithe.) However, all of the cards make sense within their shifted color when viewed as an avenue the color could have pursued from the beginning of Magic, but did not. For example, Mana Tithe is radical for being a White counterspell, but in a broader sense it ties in with White's theme of regulation and taxing. To accentuate the theme of an alternate reality—and to denote exactly which cards were timeshifted—the Planar Chaos timeshifted cards use a new card frame to give the impression that the change to the card frames in Eighth Edition had been made differently.

As Planar Chaos's timeshifted cards were technically new cards rather than direct reprints, it was decided to distribute them more widely than the timeshifted cards in Time Spiral. Unlike Time Spiral, the cards are part of the main set and are divided into four commons, three uncommons and two rares for each color. Each Planar Chaos booster contains eight regular common cards, three timeshifted commons, two regular uncommon cards, one regular rare card and either a timeshifted uncommon or a timeshifted rare (a timeshifted uncommon being three times more likely than a rare due to the relative numbers of each in the set).

Timeshifted in Future Sight[ | ]

To tie in with its future theme, the Future Sight set features 81 timeshifted "pre-prints", i.e. cards that have not been printed before but may appear in a future set, also known as futureshifted. Each of the cards features some quality that has never appeared in the game before, such as a new keyword ability (Fleshwrither), the application of a new keyword for an old ability (Thornweald Archer), or even referencing cards and card types that do not exist yet (Goldmeadow Lookout, Steamflogger Boss). Each of these unique aspects appear on only a small number of cards, indicating that they may be more properly explored in later sets.

Additionally, most of the cards in some way reference unexplored planes, hinting at potential themes and locations for upcoming sets. The cards also feature a new "futuristic" card frame to hint at potential changes to the layout of Magic cards and to denote which cards are actually timeshifted; however, it has been confirmed that the Future Sight frame will not become the norm for subsequent sets.

The cards are distributed haphazardly in booster packs, with each booster containing somewhere between five and ten timeshifted cards. As with Planar Chaos, the cards have the standard colored rarity symbols.

Type icons[ | ]

A type icon appears in the upper left corner of each timeshifted card from Future Sight. If the card has a single card type, this icon indicates what it is: claw marks for creature, a flame for sorcery, a lightning bolt for instant, a sunrise for enchantment, a chalice for artifact, a pair of mountain peaks for land and black and white crossed lines if the card has multiple card types (e.g. artifact creature). This icon has no effect on game play.

From the Comprehensive Rules (June 7, 2024—Modern Horizons 3)

  • 107.10. A type icon appears in the upper left corner of each card from the Future Sight™ set printed with an alternate “timeshifted” frame. If the card has a single card type, this icon indicates what it is: claw marks for creature, a flame for sorcery, a lightning bolt for instant, a sunrise for enchantment, a chalice for artifact, and a pair of mountain peaks for land. If the card has multiple card types, that’s indicated by a black and white cross. This icon has no effect on game play.

Timeshifted in Time Spiral Remastered[ | ]

TSR Timeshifted expansion symbol

The returning purple symbol used for Timeshifted cards.

The 121 timeshifted cards of Time Spiral Remastered are a specific selection of cards similar to the original Time Spiral "outside the set and outside of time" timeshifted cards.[1] These timeshifted cards feature modern cards in a retro (pre-Modern) card frame and with a purple expansion symbol. Premium foil versions also have the "shooting star" watermark used on pre-Modern set foils. The timeshifted sheet doesn't contain any of the original timeshifted cards. Neither does it contain planeswalkers.

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