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Race Human
Birthplace Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime ~413-470
The Gathering Dark

Tivadar of Thorn was the leader of the Knights of Thorn during the Dark on Dominaria.[1] He led a major campaign against the goblins and orcs of Terisiare alongside Rasputin Dreamweaver.

Tivadar was born in the town of Thorn in northeastern Terisiare and was probably disenfranchised by a goblin attack. As a young boy, he joined the army of the city-state of Ghed, where he briefly served with the wizard Jodah, who deserted during the Battle of Pitdown.[2] Even as a child, he believed that the wars between the city-states were pointless and distracted humanity from their true enemy, the savage goblins.

Later in life, Tivadar penned The History of the Goblin Wars.

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