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Founded on Ulgrotha
Founded The Time of Legends
Status Fallen
Notable members Ravi

The Tolgath were an expansive group of planeswalkers who fought the Ancients on Ulgrotha.

Description[ | ]

They were an inquisitive group who "were starving for knowledge."[1] It was this desire to learn that led to the conflict with the Ancients. All the members of these rival groups were incredibly powerful sorcerers and had a great deal of experience in artifice creation and wielding the forces of mana.[2]

When one of its members, Ravi, rang the Apocalypse Chime, they, along with their enemies the Ancients, and most other life on Ulgrotha, were annihilated. Not even a trace remained of the many Tolgath towers and structures that used to dot the landscape around the Citadel, let alone any sign of the individual battles or duels.

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