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Tolvada Boom.png
First seen War of the Spark: Forsaken (mentioned only)
Last seen Magic comic, #3
Rabiah Scale 10[1]
Status unstable

Tolvada is a plane and the homeworld of Kaya.[2]


For years, Tolvada's blue sky had been covered with cracks resembling an inverted and jagged aurora.[3] Kaya suspected Nicol Bolas had a hand in this phenomenon, and he offered to restore the sky in exchange for her services.[3] Kaya was descended from a noble family of the plane.

Kaya sometimes swore by "the goddess", which may have been a deity from Tolvada.[2] The phrase "gods and monsters" that she usually used could imply she had learned of greater things than the goddess in her journeys through the Multiverse.

BOOM! comics[]

In the BOOM! comics continuity, The Broken Sky seemed to have driven the inhabitants of the plane madder and madder each passing day, and Kaya believes her people can’t be saved anymore.[5]


  • The small village Kaya was born into, with population less than 100.
  • Keru, a place inhabited by "The Ancients".[2]
    • Keru's Grave[2]

Planeswalker visitors[]


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