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Tolvada is a plane and the homeworld of Kaya.[2]

First seen War of the Spark: Forsaken (mentioned only)
Rabiah Scale 10[1]
Status unstable



Tolvada's blue sky is covered with rainbow-like cracks that seem to drive the inhabitants of the plane madder and madder each passing day.[3] Kaya suspects Nicol Bolas had a hand in this phenomenon. It is unknown who rules the plane but it seems it has some kind of noble families, as Kaya descends from one such family.

Kaya sometimes swears by "the goddess", which may be a deity from Tolvada.[2]


  • The small village Kaya was born into, with population less than 100.
  • Keru, a place inhabited by "The Ancients".[2]
    • Keru's Grave[2]

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