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Tom Chanpheng
Residence Brisbane, Australia
Nationality {AUS} Australian
Professional Career
Pro Tour debut 1996 World Championships (Seattle)
Top Finishes 1 (1 win)
GP top 8s 0
World Champion
PT Champion

Tom Chanpheng, from Australia, won the 1996 World Championships playing a White Weenie deck.[1] He is the Pro Tour champion with the fewest Pro Tours played.

Chanpheng won the unique 1996 World Champion card. All other copies of it, plus the printing plates, were ceremonially destroyed.[2]

Pro Tour Results[]

List of the Pro Tour results and winnings of Tom Chanpheng
Season Pro Tour Format Finish Winnings
1996 Worlds (Seattle) Special 1 $26,000
1996–97 Atlanta Sealed Deck 50 $400
1996–97 Dallas Standard 36 $400
1996–97 Worlds (Seattle) Special 64 $500


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