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Thomas "Tom" Jenkot (Chicago, ab. 1972) is an employee at Wizards of the Coast, and currently a Principal Art Director for Magic: The Gathering 's Secret Lair and Booster Fun programs.[1]


Jenkot started working for WotC in November 2008, as an Associate Visual Designer designed web assets for the Daily Magic and Events pages at[2] He was a frequent contributor to Magic Arcana and also worked on card naming and flavor text.

He was promoted to senior status in June 2010 and became manager of Visual Design and Web Publishing in 2012. In the latter role, he was responsible for the development and technical realization of the creative direction, design, management, and execution of brand-specific creative projects. He directed a team of Digital Visual Designers and vendors to create, design, and produce online consumer experiences, realized on the web, tablet, and mobile device interfaces. In 2016 he became Sr. Creative Art Director for Web and Interactive Marketing, and in 2018 he took that same role for Web and Interactive Marketing. In 2019 he became the Principal Art Director for the Booster Fun and Secret Lair programs in Studio X.[3]