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Tor Wauki
Race Human
Birthplace Legends I - Unknown
Legends II - Empire of Madara, Dominaria
Lifetime Legends I - ~3000 AR
Legends II - ~4150 AR
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Tor Wauki was the name of two characters from Dominaria, featured in the Legends novels.[1]

Legends I Cycle[]

Tor Wauki appears in the story of Hazezon Tamar as an archer and bandit in the company of the pirate Ramirez DePietro.[2]

Legends II Cycle[]

Tor Wauki appears in the stories of Tetsuo Umezawa as the warrior's second. Having lived in Umezawa Manor since he was a child, he followed his master to Kusho to seek help for Kei Takahashi. Later he was drafted into the kentsu, where he was taught red magic by Kolo Meha and helped kill Halfdane.[3]

Continuity issues[]

It is possible that the two Waukis are the same person, but given the vast difference in time between their stories that is unlikely.[4] In fact, Umezawa's follower Wauki shows no recognition of Halfdane, who previously had killed DePietro. In reconciliation, the second Wauki may simply be a descendant of the first.

The latter explanation was taken up by Magic's Creative team in 2020, when they referred to Tor Wauki the Elder in the backstory of Ramirez DePietro for Commander Legends.[5]

In-game references[]

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