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Race Human
Birthplace Hanweir, Gavony, Innistrad
Lifetime Mending Era

Torens is a human cleric from Hanweir, Innistrad.


A hero to the common folk of Gavony, Torens was not always the paragon of virtue that he is known to be today. In his past lies a sordid history of desertion from the ranks of the cathars, theft of a wonderous magical weapon, and a trail of chicanery as long as the king's own road between Gavony and Kessig. It took a chance and terrifying encounter with the jailers of Eruth, the Tormented Prophet, for Torens to realize his true path.[1]

Now a champion of the poor peasants of Innistrad, Torens wields his solar mace, which lights up in the presence of fiends and spirits, in defense of the people and trains them to defend themselves against the terrors of the night.[2]



Torens was born in Hanweir, the son of a woodworker and a washer woman.[1] By age twelve, he had become a pickpocket, much to the despair of his parents and his righteous older brother Elamon. After the death of his father when he was nineteen and mounting conflicts with his brother, he left his home to live on his own. Two years later, after a final confrontation with his brother, who had become a member of the city watch, he had to leave the town and his sickly mother behind.

Making his way toward the high city of Thraben, Torens found himself besieged by zombies and skaabs along with the city's population. When he was caught scavenging corpses on the battlefield, he had the sheer dumb luck to be brought before the commander of the Gavony Riders. Someone less understanding than Odric would have jailed him and left him to rot. Instead, he offered to put in a word with Thalia, Thraben's new guardian. Thalia put Torens to work as Mausoleum Guard.

In the three years he'd been part of the cathars, Torens had grown fond of the motley crew the church had assembled out of desperation: ex-convicts, men and women estranged from their families, lost souls searching for purpose. But once Odric was ousted from his place on the Lunarch Council, Torens forfeited his trust in the banner. That didn't change the respect he had for those he served with, so it bothered him to abandon his post. But once he'd heard the confusing, nonsensical testimonies of those who'd fled Hanweir, he knew he had to leave right away. He took a holy mace with him as a souvenir.

Realizing that his brother had asked him for help eight months earlier, Torens was aghast to find Hanweir gone. The town had been eldrazified, probably with his mother and brother included, and had walked away.

Crimson Vow[]

For two years, he travelled as a quack selling "Torens's Curious Goods". After arriving in Traublassen, Torens was blackmailed by Lord Vytas to investigate strange occurrences at the old keep overseeing the town. After entering the building with a local town boy named Aleksandar, he found that this was a trap set up by Lord Vytas. Vytas' great-grandfather, Taivas, had imprisoned the creature Umbris in the cellar of the keep. They made a pact: in a exchange for regular human sacrifices by Taivas and his descendants, Umbris would remove all the worries and fears of the townspeople, making them docile and hardworking tennants for the lords. Inside, Torens found the mad woman Eruth changed to a wall to be sacrificed, and Aleksander abducted by devils serving Umbris.

Finding Umbris possessing Aleksandar's body in the cellar, Torens was tempted to let Umbris remove his memories and guilt over the death of his family. Aided by Eruth he decided differently. Breaking the magical circle imprisoning Umbris with his holy mace, he proposed a new deal. In exchange for leaving Umbris unharmed, the entity must return the stolen memories to the villagers and abandon Aleksandar. The entity accepted the agreement and before departing heard from Torens that the next time they met Torens would destroy it.

After witnessing the demise of Vytas at the hand of the villagers, Torens decided to return to unfinished business back in Gavony. Eruth stayed behind in Traublassen.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Survivors Reinhardt Suarez 2021-11-12 Innistrad: Crimson Vow Innistrad Torens, Vytas, Aleksandar, Elamon, Boris, Marguerite, Eruth, Umbris

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