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Race Human
Birthplace Sarpadia, Dominaria
Lifetime Pre-Mending
Fallen Empires

Tourach was the founder, and first high priest, of the Order of the Ebon Hand on Sarpadia (Dominaria).[1]


Tourach worshiped a being known as the Ebon Praetor instead of the Hand of Justice, which most people worshiped at the time. Tourach established a new empire. Its capital was Achtep Keep, the Citadel of the Ebon Hand. Tourach and his followers were necromancers able to work great magics by means of sacrifice, often of their limbs, but sometimes of human lives.[1] But Tourach's greatest power lay in chants and hymns that could cause insanity in all who heard them. Upon Tourach's death, the members of the Ebon Hand deified him, while the followers of Leitbur lived in continual dread of his return.

The god Tourach is said to have incarnated himself in several individuals during the ensuing centuries, including the immortal warrior Tymolin Loneglade. The Icatian zealot Oliver Farrel had his followers hunt her down and kill her. Another reincarnation was said to be the Neo-Ebonic priest-king Vetro.[1]

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