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The Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules is a an document maintained by Wizards of the Coast that aims to provide the infrastructure used to run Magic tournaments by defining appropriate rules, responsibilities, and procedures to be followed in all DCI-sanctioned Magic tournaments.

Introduction[ | ]

From the Tournament Rules (May 13, 2022—Outlaws of Thunder Junction)


The Magic: The Gathering (“Magic”) Tournament Rules provides the infrastructure used to run Magic tournaments by defining appropriate rules, responsibilities, and procedures to be followed in all sanctioned Magic tournaments.

DCI-sanctioned tournaments are to be run consistently regardless of their location. This ensures equal treatment of players in different regions and enables their smooth transition to international tournaments. All players are treated equally and share responsibilities according to the Rules Enforcement Level (REL) of the tournament.

Both players and officials should cooperate to achieve their common goal of running a proper DCI-sanctioned tournament. Players and officials must treat each other in a fair and respectful manner, following both the rules and the spirit in which those rules were created. They are responsible for following the most current version of the Magic Tournament Rules and Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rules. Spectators have their own set of responsibilities. Individuals violating DCI rules are subject to penalties defined by the appropriate document for the tournament’s Rules Enforcement Level.

Information in this document may contradict (or have information not contained in) the Comprehensive Rules. In such cases, this document takes precedence.

Official tournament fact sheets located on the Wizards of the Coast website for specific tournaments may define alternative or additional policies or procedures. If a contradiction exists between this document and an official fact sheet located on the Wizards of the Coast website, the information in the fact sheet takes precedence.

Wizards of the Coast reserves the right to alter these rules, as well as the right to interpret, modify, clarify, or otherwise issue official changes to these rules without prior notice.
Updates to this document are scheduled to be announced the Monday after each Prerelease. There may be additional dates in which updates to the legality of individual cards in formats contained in this document will be announced. Those dates will be communicated with at least 4 weeks’ notice. Other updates not involving updates to card legality may occur without prior announcement.

The latest versions are available at

Contents[ | ]

From the Tournament Rules (May 13, 2024—Outlaws of Thunder Junction )

Appendices[ | ]

The rules are followed by six appendices lettered A to F.

  • Appendix A—Changes From Previous Versions
  • Appendix B—Time Limits
    • Booster Draft Timing
    • Rochester Draft Timing
    • Two-Headed Giant Draft Timing
  • Appendix C—Tiebreaker Explanation
    • Match Points
    • Game Points
    • Match-win percentage
    • Game-win percentage
    • Opponents' match-win percentage
    • Opponents' game-win percentages
    • Byes
  • Appendix D—Recommended Booster Mix for Limited Tournaments
  • Appendix E—Recommended Number of Rounds in Swiss Tournaments
  • Appendix F—Rules Enforcement Levels of Programs