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Geist of Saint Traft.jpg
Race Spirit, Human (previously)
Birthplace Shadowgrange, Stensia, Innistrad

Saint Traft was a young priest in the Church of Avacyn on Innistrad. He is now a geist.[1][2]


Traft lived in the vampire-afflicted province of Stensia. Strong and valiant, he vanquished all manner of evil creatures, specializing in fighting demons along the Ashmouth. Avacyn's own ranks of warrior-seraphs trusted Traft's skill in battle and fought alongside him.

Traft's exploits became famous, and he became recognized as a saint before his fortieth year. While the act of being destroyed was not a permanent obstacle for the demons, Traft's repeated slayings had frustrated their plans to corrupt human minions, gather eternal souls, and feed their lust for power. They plotted their revenge at Needle's Eye, where Traft was tricked into killing several people and then murdered by the demonlord Withengar.

After Traft was buried, he never passed into the Blessed Sleep, and instead became a geist to haunt the world. Although as a geist he does not possess the same holy skill he had in life, it was said that wherever his apparition appeared, the angel who had failed to protect him in life was never far behind, always watching over him and always matching his every movement with her own.

Order of Saint Traft[]

Eldritch Moon[]

Geist of Saint Traft.

When Avacyn became affected by the madness caused by the machinations of the planeswalker Nahiri, the archangel turned against the very humans she was sworn to protect and started to remove every perceived blemish on her plane by killing them. Meanwhile, the Church of Avacyn was infiltrated by the Ormendahl worshiping Skirsdag. Seeing the corruption and unable to reform the church, the cathar Thalia left and together with the Geist of Saint Traft created the Order of Saint Traft to battle evil.[3] In the Battle of Thraben, Traft possessed Thalia to protect her from Emrakul's madness, and to battle the Eldrazi together. Using Avacyn's spear and with Sigarda's help, Brisela was killed by Thalia.[4] After Brisela's death, Emrakul's presence in Innistrad forced Traft to leave Thalia's body, causing her to almost succumb to madness.[5]

Relics purported to be the holy digit of Saint Traft were a popular form of contraband, though they were simply severed fingers.[6]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Lunarch Inquisition James Wyatt 2016-05-04 Shadows over Innistrad Innistrad Thalia, Odric, Grete, Jerren, Dougan, Haral, Traft
Saint Traft and the Flight of Nightmares James Wyatt 2016-07-13 Eldritch Moon Innistrad Grete, Thalia, Rem Karolus, Dennias, Mathan, Olivia Voldaren, Traft, Seeta, Brisela, Sigarda

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