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Treasure Chests
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Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description A treasure chest
Release date October 5, 2016
Expansion code PZ2[1]
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Treasure Chests are prizes awarded in Magic Online for strong finishes in Magic Constructed Leagues as well as Vintage Daily Events.

Description[ | ]

Like all League prizes on Magic Online, they are added to the player's collection once their course through the League is complete. Treasure Chests were announced in September 2016.[1][2][3]

Contents[ | ]

You're guaranteed to get at least one of these virtual items in a Treasure Chest:[4]

  • Curated Cards — These are cards selected by Magic R&D for their desirability in Magic Online.
  • Modern-Set rares and mythic rares — Any regular rare or mythic rare in a set that's legal in Modern can show up in Treasure Chests.
  • Play Points — You can receive different quantities of Play Points in Treasure Chests but each one contains a minimum of 5 Play Points.
  • Avatar — Treasure Chests have a 1% chance of containing an Avatar in addition to their other contents.

Most of the time, you'll also get two Standard-legal commons or uncommons. But sometimes one or both of them will be replaced with either a curated card or a Modern-set rare or mythic rare.

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