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Treefolk is a creature type describing sentient trees, and guardians of the forest they inhabit. There are many varieties of treefolk inhabiting a variety of forests. The first creature to bear the type was Ironroot Treefolk in Alpha.

Types of Treefolk[]

Dominarian Treefolk[]

A vast array of treefolk inhabit the plane of Dominaria, though whether they have any kind of unifying traits or culture is unknown.

Argothian Treefolk[]

The treefolk of the old forest of Argoth are thought to have become extinct when the final battle of the Brothers' War raged across their forest. Among them were the guardians of Gaea's Cradle.

Ebony Treefolk[]

Ebony treefolk are strange and dangerous creatures from the swampy island-continent of Urborg.[1] Like mundane ebony, their wood is incredibly dense, and their thick roots could draw nourishment from even the most corrupted soil or water, which may account for their evil dispositions. Ebony treefolk savagely defended Urborg against the Phyrexian invaders.

Ironroot Treefolk[]

Ironroot treefolk are known for their great strength and toughness. They differ from most treefolk in that they reproduce via coitus rather than seeds and pollen. Those who have observed ironroot mating habits have noted that they are truly absurd by human standards, being compared to the slow movement of molasses. It's amazing the species can survive at all given such protracted periods of mate selection, conjugation, and gestation.

Magnigoth Treefolk[]

Yavimaya's Magnigoth treefolk are amongst the tallest creatures on Dominaria,[2] being large enough to swat dragons out of the sky like flies. After the Primeval dragon Rith was freed from the Magnigoth tree she had been imprisoned in, a group of Magnigoth treefolk chased her across Dominaria before eventually catching the dragon in Urborg.

Innistrad Treefolk[]

The treefolk of Innistrad are the fusions of geists with wood. This makes them permanently hungry for more life to add to their core.[3] Others spend most of their time in slumber and arise only seasonally, like the Ancient of the Equinox. Spirits remain within the Somberwald of treefolk that predate humanity itself.[4]

Lorwyn Treefolk[]

The treefolk are the oldest beings native to Lorwyn, having existed long before the first elves, kithkin, or giants, as well as the longest-lived.[5][6] Treefolk are born from seeds and grow into mundane trees, but through a process known as The Rising some of these trees awaken into sentient, mobile treefolk.[7] While male and female treefolk both exist, there is little to no difference between the sexes in appearance or personality, and both are presumably capable of producing both seeds and pollen necessary for reproduction.

Treefolk are the wisest of Lorwyn's races and are living repositories of the plane's history. Other races often seek them out for advice, though not all are friendly enough to give it up. Treefolk wisdom is given in the form of aphorisms that shorter-lived races often have trouble understanding.

Lorwyn's treefolk are almost exclusively born from deciduous trees like oak, rowan, ash, and poplar. Coniferous trees like pine and spruce are rare on Lorwyn and do not seem to produce treefolk, but at least one yew treefolk is known to exist.

Since they can give birth to thousands of seedlings, sentient and mundane, over their lifetimes, treefolk do not have the same concept of immediate family as humanoid races; instead, their nurturing instinct is directed over entire groves. This instinct sometimes leads treefolk to adopt communities of kithkin in much the same way, acting as guardians. The kithkin clachan of Cloverdell has at least one such protector.

Like Dominaria's treefolk, the treefolk of Lorwyn come in a wide variety of species, each with their own unique habits and personality.

Ash Treefolk[]

Ash treefolk are steadfast warriors and protectors of treefolk groves. They are among the wisest, being sought out most often by younger races. Ashes are known for their generally open and friendly natures.

Black Poplar Treefolk[]

Black poplars are the healers of treefolk kind, using shamanic magic to absorb the pain of other treefolk. This leaves them bitter and withdrawn, yet many grow to relish the sensation of pain. Black poplar treefolk are notoriously tricky.

Elder Treefolk[]

Treefolk born from elder trees are among the longest-lived of their kind, and the oldest are the greatest leaders of all treefolk kind. Younger elders, on the other hand, tend to be playful and mischievous. Elders sometimes grant their flowers to kithkin for use in healing herbal teas.

Oak Treefolk[]

The oaks are the largest and strongest of all treefolk and are the greatest warriors of their kind. So powerful are they that even the mighty giants are no match for them. Oaks are also the most philosophical treefolk.

The tallest oak treefolk are called cloudcrowns. These are so tall they can swat aerial attackers straight out of the sky, and as such kithkin prefer to build their homes near their domiciles.

Rowan Treefolk[]

Treefolk born from rowans are among the most likely to study magic, including curses and hexes. They prefer to cultivate mysterious personas but sometimes offer help to the downtrodden.

Yew Treefolk[]

Once yew treefolk were found all over Lorwyn, but over time they dwindled, until only one remained: Colfenor, the Last Yew; who only produced The Sapling, which was destroyed by Oona, presumably making them extinct. Yew treefolk were clever, crafty, and often malignant, their toxic natures matching their toxic berries.

Theros Treefolk[]

The Black Oak of Odunos on Theros is a Zombie Treefolk. It's a creation of Phenax.

Notable Treefolk[]






Tribal type[]

Lorwyn block featured three Tribal - Treefolk cards, which could be fetched by Treefolk Harbinger:

In addition, Bosk Banneret makes Treefolk spells cheaper to cast.

Treefolk tokens[]

Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Treefolk Green Creature — Treefolk X/X
Green Creature — Treefolk */* Reach
This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of lands you control.
Treefolk Shaman Green Creature — Treefolk Shaman 2/5
Treefolk Warrior Green Creature — Treefolk Warrior */* This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of Forests you control.

Treefolk manlands and manstones[]

Green Treefolk are also created by:



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