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Race Dragon
Birthplace Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime ~-20,000-Unknown

Treva was one of the five Primeval Dragons of Dominaria. Her name meant "youth" in the old draconic language, and she was known as "The Renewer.".

Treva was a gleaming white dragon with scales that resembled feathers. At full strength, she could breathe a shaft of pure light that could cut through steel. Treva was captured by the Numena in Argive, where she was crucified in the depths of the city's ancient library. However, millennia later she was freed by Rith and Rhammidarigaaz through the sacrificing of four dragon lords (one of each color except red) of the Dragon Nations.

Treva's fate after the defeat of Darigaaz, Rith and Crosis is unknown. She and Dromar were last seen fleeing from the remains of the Dragon Nations, as the two of them were unable to maintain the mental control over the dragons that the full pantheon of Primevals could. It is therefore most likely that she was recaptured or killed soon after.

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