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Race Amphibious Troll
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era

Trifon is an amphibious marine troll from Ravnica, and serves as the speaker for Zonot Four.[1]


Trifon became the speaker of Zonot Four, after the zonot was "infected" by Golgari life-forms.

Trifon and his people are engaged full-time in rooting out Golgari life-forms and undead from their waters, Trifon lent his full support to Vannifar, and now the biomancers of Zonot Three and Zonot Four work closely together on defensive efforts. The troll speaker says little, and he has been known to quash dissent with brute force. His unsubtle manner has spread to the rest of the zonot, leading to a culture that is more brutal and direct than in other zonots. The residents of Zonot Four are also larger, on average than other of their species, a result of ongoing adaptation in a fundamentally hostile environment.[2]

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