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Troll is a mainly green creature type represented in the Magic lore as large, bestial, ill-tempered humanoids that usually dwell in forests and have regenerative powers.[1]

While the creature type started as mainly red, their regenerative properties (translated in the game with the keyword regenerate) led them to be moved into green and later green-black.

With regenerate falling out of favor with both design and development, trolls have become rarer and harder to print as they suffer the same problems as skeletons: the flavor wants trolls to have regenerate, but R&D doesn't want to print cards with regenerate due to complexity/poor gameplay; therefore R&D doesn't make as many trolls.

The first creatures to bear the type were Uthden Troll and Sedge Troll from Alpha.

Trolls throughout the Multiverse[]


The trolls of Arcavios come from Fernbosk, a wild place on the continent of Orrithia. Those who go to Strixhaven are associated with Witherbloom or Quandrix. Gyome, a troll, is Witherbloom's chef.


On Dominaria live the aforementioned Uthden Troll and Sedge Troll: while no continent is the specific focus of Alpha, most early Magic took place on either Terisiare or The Domains, meaning we can infer that these species lived on either or both. After the battle of White Ridge, hundreds of knee-high blue and gray Uthden trolls abandoned by their summoner set to work pillaging. Their large noses are able to sniff out metal treasures. Though small, they were so densely built that a man couldn't lift one. These alien forms were also referred to by locals as goomers or goons.[2]

Jungle Trolls are present on the continent of Jamuura and are notable for being led by a troll king (named Drulvurg during the time of Mirage).

Before its destruction during the Brothers' War, the island of Argoth was home to the Albino Trolls who fought on the side of Titania against the Brothers' insurrection.

The Charging Trolls of the The Domains fought on the side of the Coalition during the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria.

At the time of the Time Rifts crisis, Sedge Trolls from an alternate reality known as Hedge Trolls appeared. These trolls were profoundly devout, and it seemed that unlike the other species of troll, these didn't need to feed.


On Kaldheim the trolls live in the realm of Gnottvold. Some fall asleep for a long time and almost become part of the landscape. But they are terrifying when they wake up.

The ancient ruins of Gnottvold provide some degree of shelter to two distinct varieties of troll. The smaller, more aggressive Hagi trolls run wild across the realm, hunting in disorganized packs. Hunched over, they stand about as tall as a human. All are green-skinned - some a pale green, some a deeper shade, some an ugly mottled pattern — with long, dark hair wrapping their bony forms like a shawl and formidable tusks that clack together as they speak.[3]The Hagi like to harass the larger Torga trolls, who live in family groups and can sleep for years at a time. Despite their apparently somnolent nature, a Torga troll that is unexpectedly awakened from its slumber rises in a rage and sets out on a destructive rampage that can last for weeks until the troll is spent and looks for a new place to sleep.[4]


The Horned Trolls of Mercadia heal so fast that weapons are sometimes trapped inside their wounds.


The trolls who were brought to Mirrodin lived at Tel-Jilad, the largest tree in the Tangle.[5] Inscribed onto its metal surface is the history of Mirrodin. Near the bottom, all the writings have been etched out. These trolls considered this their sacred home, and they lived within its hollow core. After the Vanishing there was only one left: Thrun, the Last Troll.


The Skyshroud Trolls of Rath lived in the Skyshroud Forest, where they were known to subsist on the elves and merfolks. Other Rathi trolls known as Pygmy Troll were of an atypically small variety.

It is unknown whether any troll survived the Rathi Overlay, but if they did, one or both species could still exist on Dominaria in Keld, where the Skyshroud Forest appeared.


Many Ravnican trolls live oppressed existences, being hunted by faeries or experimented on by the Simic Combine. They are part of the Gruul Clans and the Golgari Swarm (Golgari Grave-Troll, Lotleth Troll, Trestle Troll, Charnel Troll, Challenger Troll, Varolz, The Scar Striped).[6] Golgari trolls are highly resistant to injuries. They have a symbiotic relationship with the fungus that covers their body like a mane.[7]

With the reemergence of the guilds and the rediscovery of Ravnica's long gone oceans, through the sinkholes known as Zonots, the Simic Combine were remade from scratch. A species of amphibious marine trolls lived at Zonot 4, where Trifon became the speaker.


Odious Trows are the vile trolls that lurk in the bogs of Shadowmoor. They reappear each night to frighten the living and gnaw the dead.[8]


The Homelands harbor a race of Sea Trolls. Sea Trolls are vicious, cruel, and extremely crafty undersea hunters. They can walk on land for a few hours at a time but are best off in the deepwater away from sunlight and bright illumination.

Whole tribes of Sea Trolls exist within deep subterranean caves and live by stealing from Seafolk fish-herds, attacking passing surface ships, or even ambushing Seafolk towns and dragging their prisoners back to the caves for a quick, predatory meal. Sea Trolls have been the bane of the Seafolk for years, as they swim faster, fight harder, and are well versed in camouflaging themselves by painting the color of their skins with scum from the ocean floor.[9]


Harvester Trolls existed on Zendikar at the time of the conflict with the Eldrazi, though they didn't intervene, preferring to continue preying upon wanderers.

Notable Trolls[]



  • Drulvurg, troll king of the jungle trolls.[10]





  • Kakra, a sea troll whose sayings prove the intelligence and pragmatic side of its species.[11]





Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Troll Warrior Green Creature — Troll Warrior 4/4 Trample


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