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Race Kraken
Birthplace Theros
Lifetime Mending Era

Tromokratis is a particularly cantankerous nadir kraken that has claimed all of the sea of Theros as its territory.


While most krakens roam the seas, Tromokratis vents its wrath on coastal settlements. Whether it acts at the command of the sea god Thassa or to sate its own hunger, Tromokratis numbers among the most feared threats in the sea, having no fixed lair and wandering where it will. Recently, the massive kraken rose from the waves to topple the Pyrgnos, Meletis’s repository of scholarly knowledge. Since that day, the polis keeps a watch specifically for Tromokratis.

A tumultuous sea is often attributed to Tromokratis battling another kraken to assert its claim. Often, before a journey, sailors blow conch-shell horns in the belief that the sound will soothe nearby krakens. Legend also speaks of a magic horn that the hero Humenades used in ancient times to summon Tromokratis to lay waste to a cursed city lost to evil ways. The horn was so powerful that, after the city was destroyed, Humenades took it to Tizerus and buried it under a stone near Erebos' palace.[1]

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