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Tsabo Tavoc
Tsabo Tavoc.jpg
Race Phyrexian Horror
Birthplace Phyrexia
Lifetime Born unknown, died 4205 AR
Invasion, Planeshift

Originally, Tsabo Tavoc was a female of an unnamed anthropomorphic (monstrous humanoid) race. She was captured by Phyrexians and altered to become the Phyrexian general who led the opening stages of the Phyrexian Invasion.[1] She was highly ambitious and confident and planned to eventually replace Crovax as evincar of Rath.


Tsabo fought Gerrard Capashen and the rest of the Weatherlight crew twice during the attack on Benalia; each time the crew was only able to survive by disabling her just long enough to escape. Tsabo then journeyed to Koilos, where she oversaw the main battle of the first stage of the Invasion. She had her forces maneuver in such a way that Thaddeus thought he had forced a way through into the caves, only to ambush the metathran commander at a later moment. She then had him vivisected to see if Phyrexia could benefit from Urza's work on the metathran.

In the climax of the siege of Koilos, Tsabo mind-controlled Gerrard, making him believe she was his "mother". Tsabo planned on taking Gerrard to Phyrexia and presenting him to Yawgmoth, but Karn broke his oath of nonviolence and ripped several of the Phyrexian's legs off. With a little help from Squee, Gerrard broke free of her spell and stabbed her in the gut.


Tsabo narrowly escaped through a portal. In Phyrexia, she was repaired, but because of her failure at Koilos only substandard materials were used. She was ordered to report to and serve under Crovax, who was now the commander of the Invasion. But in truth she was sentenced to death and given to Crovax as a reward; Crovax ripped her apart and ate her, taking Tsabo's strength for himself.

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