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Turbo Stasis was a popular deck in the "Black Summer" of 1996 where it played particularly well against Necropotence decks. Its strategy revolves around locking the game with Stasis, Kismet, and counterspells. The effects of Stasis are mitigated by Howling Mine, which helps the player draw Islands, and also by removing Stasis from play just long enough to allow the player to untap their own cards. Despotic Scepter, Boomerang, and Recall let the player move it into and out of play as needed. It wins either by decking the opponent, accelerated by Howling Mine and protected against by Feldon's Cane, or by Black Vise damage.

Matt Place used this deck to get into the top 8 of the 1996 U.S. Nationals.

Turbo Stasis


After Turbo Stasis, any deck with many Howling Mines, that is designed to work quickly, used to be called "Turbo".[1]


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