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Race Frog Beast
Birthplace Mer Empire, Otaria, Dominaria
Lifetime Birth unknown, died 4305 AR

Turg was a massive anurid frog beast employed by Ambassador Laquatus on Dominaria.


He was captured in the wild and rigorously trained to be Laquatus's servant by being psychically grafted to the merman. This allowed Laquatus to take direct mental control over the frog whenever he wished. In return, Turg became increasingly intelligent thanks to the bond, gaining a new sense of cunning and learning several spells such as lightning bolt. Turg was also able to turn almost completely invisible and could vomit acid bile that could potentially blind his enemies. These abilities, combined with his natural strength, bulk and agility made him a dangerous opponent. Turg also had an enormous appetite and would happily feast to the point of immobility, much to the annoyance of his master.

While Laquatus served as the Mer Empire's ambassador in Cabal City, Turg was put to use in the pits. He was partly responsible for causing the devastation of the city after he killed and ate a Krosan dragonette, which called out to a fully grown Krosan Dragon that journeyed to the city and caused much damage. However, Turg was oblivious to this as he had passed out in the middle of the area after excessively gorging on the dragonette's corpse. Eventually, Turg's lethargy ended when Laquatus forced the frog to vomit up his meal before chastising him for his greed. Turg then took out his frustration by concealing himself and causing rubble to fall on people.

Turg continued to serve Laquatus when the ambassador pursued Lieutenant Kirtar across the northern plains of Otaria in order to find the Mirari. On this journey, Turg's increased intellect became clear to Laquatus when the frog began tricking the mercenaries accompanying Laquatus into deadly situations. In order to reign in Turg's intelligence, Laquatus began routinely damaging Turg's brain to prevent it developing further. Whilst on the trip, Turg also first encountered Seton and Kamahl, who were also chasing Kirtar. Turg briefly fought them, but withdrew at Laquatus's command in order to continue hunting Kirtar.

Upon finding Kirtar, Turg entertained himself by aiding in the slaughter of Krosa's animals while Laquatus tried to find the Mirari. However, Turg soon found better entertainment in fighting Seton and Kamahl again when the two arrived to claim the Mirari for themselves. Turg wrestled with Seton but found that the centaur was a match for his strength. In order to save himself, Turg vomited on Seton's face and retreated, leaving the centaur near-blinded by the caustic liquid.

Once again, Turg had to follow his master as Laquatus travelled to the Order's citadel. Laquatus used Turg's camouflage to spy on Kirtar as the aven plotted a coup d'etat against Captain Pianna, then allowed the frog to amuse himself as Laquatus moved for the Mirari. Turg made his way to the main dining hall, where he began feeding again, but was interrupted by the arrival of Kamahl. The two fought, with Turg's camouflage making him nearly invisible in the darkened room. Turg took a lump out of Kamahl's leg before both had to retreat from the magical crystal Kirtar had created. Seeing his chance to get the Mirari for himself, Laquatus again took direct control over Turg and used him to track down Kirtar. Turg slew the lieutenant's aides and took the Mirari from Kirtar before retreating through a portal created by Capatain Satas. Unfortunately for Laquatus, Turg then mistakenly gave the orb to Satas, who decided it should be given to Emperor Aboshan.

Laquatus and Turg were reunited in the tunnels under Otaria as they pursued Satas to the Imperial palace. Once they arrived, they found that Satas had instead handed the orb over to the royal treasurer and it had been lost somewhere inside the palace vaults. They also found that Aboshan had become increasingly paranoid and so Laquatus maneuvered to make himself central to the court under to pretext of rooting out traitors. This allowed Laquatus to remove his enemies by accusing them of plotting against the emperor, which Turg aided in by leading the arrests of the accused and planting evidence against them as he went.

All seemed to be going to plan until Aboshan decided to inspect the vaults, where he found the Mirari. Laquatus and Turg desperately swam to the vault and demanded to see the emperor, but were refused by the imperial guardsmen stationed outside. As Aboshan created a massive spell to flood Otaria, Laquatus decided he had to strike immediately to secure the device. He and Turg battled the guards, with Turg having to fight a trained giant squid that relentlessly chased after him and ripped a strip of skin off of his back. Turg and Laquatus managed to flee into the vault itself, which was full of air and so prevented the guards from entering. However, as they approached the emperor, Aboshan retained enough awareness to call for his guards, causing the vault door to open and the air seal to collapse, allowing the guards to enter. Turg was unable to camouflage himself fully due to the damage to his back and so the giant squid was able to spot and attack him. Turg became trapped in its tentacles and was torn apart by the creature's beak, although he managed to slay the creature as well.

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