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Tuya Bearclaw
Tuya Bearclaw.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Tarkir
Lifetime Mending Era

Tuya Bearclaw is a warrior of Clan Atarka, from the new Tarkir timeline.


There is none that Surrak the Hunt Caller trusts more than Tuya Bearclaw. Even when she was just "Tuya," her skill at the hunt complemented Surrak's in a way that kept all families fed. One day, when they were seeking Atarka's next meal, Tuya and her fighters stumbled upon a lone bear cub. The cub's mother had been slain by a hungry dragon, and it was left to fend for itself.

Taking mercy, Tuya spared the cub's life and decided to try and tame it. Tuya succeeded in making the beast her companion and began to ride it into battle. On the back of her bear, she was unstoppable. As the hubris of taking the name "Dragonclaw" is punishable by death, Tuya was instead bequeathed the name "Bearclaw" and the respect and awe of the entirety of Clan Atarka.[1]

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