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Race Demigod, formerly undead Human
Birthplace Theros
Lifetime Mending Era

Tymaret, known by the humans of Theros as The Murder King, is an undead warrior and the de facto leader of Odunos, the polis inhabited by the more violent Returned who have escaped the clutches of the plane's Underworld and its God Erebos.

Tymaret commands its best warriors in organized raids against the living. Their raids are small but effective, and almost always nocturnal. [1]

When Heliod instructed his champion, Daxos, to remove all trace of the other gods from the city of Meletis, Erebos and the other gods, refusing to stand for such an affront, called upon their own champions from the Underworld. The God of the Death chose Tymaret, the warlike leader of the returned, to become a demigod and serve as the leader of his forces.[2]


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