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Plane Innistrad
Part of Kessig

The Ulvenwald is an ancient forest of aspen, birch, and maple that borders Kessig province on Innistrad.[1][2]

The woods of Ulvenwald are almost supernaturally dense, filled with dark, sinuous trunks and a constant, hanging mist. The trees have broad leaves in muted reds, golds, and greens, and the forest floor is papered in damp leaves. The Ulvenwald isolates Kessig from the other provinces, as travelers through the woods are subject to attacks by werewolves of the Vildin Howlpack, hauntings by all manner of primordial spirits, and mysterious disappearances in the mist. At night, the autumnal colors of Ulvenwald turn stark and steely under the silver glow of the moon. The only spots of color that appear are the luminous eyes of animals and the geistfires of shimmering apparitions.


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