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Umezawa Manor was the ancestral home of the Clan Umezawa. It was one of the largest buildings in the Empire of Madara and was built 400 years prior to Tetsuo Umezawa's battle with Nicol Bolas, presumably by Toshiro Umezawa.

The manor was located on the edge of a marsh between two forks of the Suido River, near the foot of the Gitte-Yatay Mountains. It was a sprawling compound, with each Umezawa generation adding to the main dwelling, constructing outbuildings, or reclaiming viable land from the swamp. The first floor had a vast entry hall and a dining room with enough space for 50 guests, while the second floor held the private chambers of the family and their servants. The third floor was exclusively for the lord of the manor.

Other notable futures of the building where a smaller structure half an acre from the main manor which Ayesha Tanaka, Tetsuo's armorer, used as a workshop, and its' renowned lotus gardens.