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Race Vedalken
Birthplace Lumengrid, Quicksilver Sea, Mirrodin
Lifetime ~4580
Scars of Mirrodin

Unctus, the Freed, previously known as Kiryk, was a once a prominent member of the Synod before his Phyrexian compleation.[1]


As a researcher, Unctus was fascinated by the black oil found on the boundaries of the Mephidross and the Glimmervoid. His interest increased after putting his head unto the Pool of Knowledge. He began experimenting on himself by injecting amounts of the oil into his body. Soon, changes on his body began to occur, his saliva changed and his right arm morphed. Visions also began appearing in his dreams, where he seemed to see glimpses of Memnarch, and "spheres" became an obsession. Unctus later awoke in a Phyrexian hideout, where his planning for the future takeover of Lumengrid as well as his further compleation would occur. His knowledge of Vedalken and Neurok biology put him in a prominent position in Phyrexia's ranks, where he co-developed the Mindweb, a network of Vedalken and Neurok brains. Despite this, he still yearned to find Scylla, a Vedalken female with similar ideals who he wished to pair with before his Phyrexian corruption, so he could make her "compleat" as he is now. He later finds Scylla and then decides to "unite" her with him in order for him to find true compleation.

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