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Ability Word
Introduced Mystery Booster
Last Used Mystery Booster
Typical Text Underdog — If you've lost a game this match, …
Statistics 1 card
{W} 100%
Scryfall Search

Underdog is an ability word that gives cards a bonus in the next game within a match, when they have lost a previous game in that match. It was introduced on the Mystery Booster test card Ruff, Underdog Champ.[1][2]

Example[edit | edit source]


Ruff, Underdog Champ {2}{W}{W}
Legendary Creature — Dog Soldier
All Hounds are Dogs (We'll errata this to be true)
First strike, lifelink
Underdog — If you've lost a game this match, CARDNAME and other dogs you control get +1/+1.

References[edit | edit source]

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