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The tentatively called Unglued 2: The Obligatory Sequel or Wacky II: This Time it's Personal was a follow-up set for Unglued that was supposed to be released in Summer 1999. This Un-sets was designed by Mark Rosewater, but never published. Like its predecessor it was to be a silver-bordered parody set and was to be used outside of normal Magic expansions. This was an entirely different set from Unhinged, though that set reused some elements.[1][2][3]

Inception and cancellation[]

When Unglued was to be released in 1998, people were very excited. It was something new and different Wizards of the Coast hadn't done before.[4] Unglued was instantly perceived as a smash hit, and it was decided to make a sequel. Right away, even before the first set even came out, Mark Rosewater started doing work on the second one. However, Unglued was overprinted, and in the end it netted a negative profit.[5] Because it didn't do that well, comparatively because of the overprinting, the second set ended up getting put on hiatus and never made.[6]

Themes and mechanics[]

“  Not every vegetable is good for you.  ”

A major theme of Unglued 2 was poison. Poison had originally been a major theme of Tempest but R&D had at the time decided to phase poison out of Magic. Rosewater figured silver border would be the perfect place to resurrect the mechanic. Poison was keyworded with a number. What this meant was when this creature dealt combat damage to you, you got that many poison counters. "Poison: N" would later be redone as Poisonous N in Future Sight.

Like Unglued had chickens, its successor had animated vegetables, which Rosewater picked to be the poison creatures. In addition, every artist was asked to hide a vegetable in his or her art. Note that some of the art from Unglued 2 was used in Unhinged, so there are also some hidden vegetables in the art of Unhinged.

Another theme of the set was voting. There was a cycle of voting cards, giving every player one vote and then spelling out how people could get additional votes. This idea was later used in Conspiracy.

The set also used scratchcards. There would be an extra print sheet with scratch-off cards, so that players would get one in every booster pack. Each card would have three scratch off lines on it and each time you cast it you would scratch one line off. Each scratch-off card had ten different version so that players wouldn't know which version they had. The art of these cards looked like scratch off lottery tickets. There were two in each color.

Like Unglued, Unglued 2 further had a die-rolling theme. Another feature was the often snarky reminder text on the cards. On top of that, Wizards of the Coast were considering having bubble gum in each of the booster packs.[7]

The set was planned to include a cycle of split cards as well as a "color matters" theme, both of which were later printed in modified form in Invasion.[8][9]

Since this Un set never made it to print, individual card designs crept their way into tournament-legal sets.[10] Some art of Unglued 2 was used for Unhinged Arena League promos.[11]

Known cards[]

Que Serra Serra.jpg


  • Aerobics Instructor (Creature - Teacher), part of a cycle that had you roll a six-sided die and get a benefit based on the roll, but if you rolled a six, the card was sacrificed.[1]
  • Atinlay Igpay (Eaturecray - Igpay),[9] originally a 2/2 with first strike at common.
  • Circle of Protection: Art (Enchantment),[4][12] using the Arena League promo art.[11]
  • Cotton Djinn (Creature - Djinn), part of a cycle of Punny Djins.[13][14] The name is a play on Cotton Gins. Printed (modified) in Invasion as Ruham Djinn.
  • Inner Child (Creature - Spirit), a card that forced players to share new information with each other.[2]
  • Keeper of Ipecac (Creature - Cleric), able to prevent the placement of poison counters, referencing a vomiting inducing drug.[2]
  • Que Serra Serra (Creature - Angel), a full-art card making fun of the decision to remove Serra Angel from the Core sets.[1][15][16]
  • Some Fat Pants (Enchant Creature), a 2/6 enhancement that forced the player to speak in the third person. Whenever they didn't, Some Fat Pants had to be sacrificed.[1][4]
  • White Sale (Enchantment), changing the cost of cards by rolling dice.[2]



  • Bantam of the Opera (Creature - Chicken), another card in the die rolling cycle.[1]
  • Booster Tutor (Instant),[4] using the Arena League promo art.[11]
  • Endangered Species Act (Sorcery), a voting card.[2]
  • Gangrene Pepper (Creature - Vegetable), a Zombified swampwalking vegetable with poison: 1.[1]
  • Nekratator (Creature - Vegetable), a poisonous potato impersonating Nekrataal[17][18]
  • Phyrexian Librarian (Creature - Torturer), naming card in play or being played, earned you a poison counter. Name and art were reused in Unhinged.[2]
  • Rutabaga of the Night (Creature - Vegetable), parodying Spirit of the Night.[2]
  • Skeletons in the Closet (Creature - Skeleton), able to manipulate votes.[1]
  • Slow Djinn (Creature - Djinn).[13] The name is a play on Sloe gin. Printed (modified) in Invasion as Goham Djinn.


  • Goblin Mime (Creature - Goblin Mime),[4] using the Arena League promo art.[11]
  • Heads Up/Tailspin (Enchantment), a flip card avant la lettre, making use of a coin spin.[1]
  • Bob from Accounting (Legendary Creature - Accountant), a character out of an old Magic commercial.[1][19][20]
  • Hot Picks (Sorcery), a scratchcard.[1]
  • “I Swear It's Not a Six” Beast (Creature - Beast)[9], later printed in Unhinged as Six-y Beast.
  • Rummy Djinn (Creature - Djinn).[13] The name is a play on Gin Rummy. Printed (modified) in Invasion as Halam Djinn.
  • What the...?! (Instant), changing all numbers on cards by adding 3.[2]
  • Udder Madness (Enchantment), Die-rolling at the end of each player's turn, decides the player taking the next turn.[2]




  • Gleemax (Artifact)[26], originally using Mindslaver's ability.[9][10]
  • Illusionary Masking Tape (Artifact), keeping all cards in play you control face down.[2]
  • Iron Man (Artifact Creature), referring to a format called Iron Man Magic where instead of having a graveyard, every card destined for the graveyard was ripped up.[2]
  • Poker Table (Artifact), you played a poker hand with CMC being numbers and color being suit.[4][27][28] Art used on the Arena League promo version of Mise.[11]
  • Shameless Plug (Artifact), a card making use of the latest copy of the Duelist.[1]
  • The Other Spatula of the Ages (Artifact), companion card to Spatula of the Ages.[2]
  • Treehouse of Dr. Moreau (Artifact), creating 1/1 green Squirrel creature tokens with Poison: 1. Named after the anti villain of The Island of Dr. Moreau.[1]


Name only, unknown color[]

  • Cool Cucumber (Creature - Vegetable)[17]
  • Celery Stalker (Creature - Vegetable)[17]
  • Dolphin Boy[4]
  • Fake I.D. [31]
  • Monkey See, [Monkey do][4]
  • Party Animal [32]
  • Swarm of Pickles (Creature - Vegetable)[17]
  • Tequila Mockingbird[4]
  • White Out, parodying the original art and censorship on Unholy Strength (Fourth Edition).[33]



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