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Unicorn is a white and green creature type used for cards that depict noble white horse-like creatures a large, pointed, spiraling horn in the center of their forehead. They often are symbolic of chastity or purity. It is said that these elusive creatures can only be captured by a virgin. Unicorns are hard to find, they don't care if you believe in them any more than you care if they believe in you.

The first card to bear the type was Pearled Unicorn in Alpha.



The Adarkar Wastes, the barren, frozen plains of Ice Age era Terisiare were populated by unicorns (Adarkar Unicorn). Thanks to the meddling of the Rimewind, unicorns were drawn from the Ronom Glacier to do battle once again (Ronom Unicorn). According to Kjeldoran priests, seeing a unicorn was a great blessing and a sign of good fortune.

The plains of Sursi are known to be home of the Mesa Unicorns, manifestations of Serra’s joy and compassion. They frolic and dance like children, offering blessings to anyone they encounter.

Capashen knights are the only people known to have ridden a Unicorn (Capashen Unicorn). A Zebra variety lived in Jamuraa (Zebra Unicorn).


Bearded Unicorns are domesticated on Eldraine.[1] The beautiful creatures have a softly gleaming silvery-white coat, a wispy beard, gentle eyes, and calming auras. Their healing magic works in concert with their riders. Although they seem to be a beneficent, peaceful race, they are easily able to impale adversaries on their shining horns, which also function as a conduit for their killing magic. Before they were domesticated, they used to live in the Wilds and the knights of those ancient days hunted them for their horns, which were sawed off and ground into a powder that was said to aid virility.


Mutant unicorns appear on Ikoria, having hybridized with other horned mammals such as elks (Splendor Mare) or aurochs (Majestic Auricorn), resulting in extremely spikey creatures. They have life-giving properties.


A mysterious unicorn-looking creature, known as a Wishmonger, resided on Mercadia, granting wishes to those who knew how to ask for them.


Theran Unicorns appear to be creatures strongly assiociated with Nyx (Noble Quarry, Captivating Unicorn). His affair with Nylea once inspired the god Purphoros to forge artificial unicorns from opal (Opaline Unicorn).


On Ravnica Unicorns are exceedingly rare, and it is said that a person's life is changed forever upon seeing one (Inspiring Unicorn).


On Ulgrotha Unicorns were sought after by the cooks of Baron Sengir (Feast of the Unicorn).

Notable Unicorns[]




Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Unicorn White Creature — Unicorn 2/2