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Unlimited Edition was the second Magic: The Gathering set. It was printed after Beta had sold out as quickly as Alpha had; this time the run was 35 million cards, the largest yet. It contains the same cards as Beta, though with white borders instead of black, setting the precedent for all successive printings of the basic set. Unlimited cards are worth less than their Limited Edition counterparts, both because the print run was larger and because players generally prefer black borders to white.

Set history
The printing of Unlimited was somewhat rushed on the part of Wizards of the Coast and numerous errors crept into the text and rules.

Unlimited was the first set to be officially titled as something other than just Magic: The Gathering. The "Unlimited Edition" label appears on the booster boxes, decks, and booster packs.

Unlimited was also the last set to feature the so-called "Power Nine" cards, as well as the last set to contain all of the original set of cards. It was the original intent of the game designers for this basic set to always be in print (thus the name Unlimited) but the presence of cards such as the "Power Nine" made that impossible, and the Revised edition would soon replace Unlimited.

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