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Race Elemental
Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime Created around 2600 A.R., banished in the Abyss in 4077 A.R.

Ur-Drago was a legendary Elemental of Dominaria. This horrible creature concealed its face behind a curved, steel mask. Its hands and feet were said to end in scorpion-like pincers, and it needed neither to breathe nor to eat, only to kill.[1]

Around 2600 A.R., the monstrous Ur-Drago was created by the planeswalker Terrent Amese to punish the cat warriors of the Ojanen tribe for their perceived betrayal.[2][3] The original Ojanen took on the beast in one-on-one combat in the halls of the Tabernacle of Pendrell Vale while the tribe fled Scarwood in what would be known as the exodus. The result of the duel between the two champions of Terrent Amese would remain a mystery for generations, before Jedit Ojanen was magically transported to this crucial point in time and defeated Ur-Drago himself.

In 4077, AR Ur-Drago was summoned by Towser's army of evil wizards during their attack on Greensleeves' Headquarters in the Whispering Woods.[4] At the cost of heavy casualties, the Archdruid was successful in banishing the elemental to the Abyss.

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