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Race Phyrexian
Birthplace Mirrodin
Lifetime Mending Era

Urabrask, the Hidden, is the red-aligned praetor of New Phyrexia. As his name suggests, for much of the storyline his motivations were vague, leaving him as the most mysterious praetor.[1]


Flavor text quotes seem to imply that his intentions during the Phyrexian/Mirran war (and possibly his current intentions as well) were to turn Mirrodin into a form that he considers perfect, making him similar to his rival Jin-Gitaxias in goals, although very different in methods and most likely in the end result. Also like Jin-Gitaxias, he uses an alternative term to "Grand Evolution", the "Great Work", although whether he actually disagrees with established Phyrexian terminology is unknown.

On New Phyrexia[]

After Phyrexia's conquest of Mirrodin, Urabrask allowed the Mirran survivors to take refuge in the furnace layer of the plane, which was controlled by him. This was due to the fact that he is aligned with the colour of emotion and freedom, granting him enough empathy not to (actively) destroy the Mirrans. This, coupled with a sheer dislike of the other factions, led him to seal the Furnace Layer of the plane off from other Phyrexian factions. For the most part, they didn't seem to care either, with the exception of the blue-aligned Progress Engine, who were paranoid about it.

Inevitably, Elesh Norn laid waste to his domain,[2] though the Mirran Resistance fled to the mountain shelters, out of reach of Elesh Norn.

Streets of New Capenna[]

Seeking to double-cross Norn, Tezzeret found an unlikely ally in Urabrask, who he transported to New Capenna.[3] The Planar Bridge devasted the praetor's body, searing his flesh from his inorganic components, and leaving him in a severely weakened state. He has been in the city for several weeks, healing enough to survive a return trip. While there, the praetor met with Vivien Reid and tasked her with bringing him Halo and the Planeswalker Elspeth Tirel, claiming that her presence would tip the balance of the war on New Phyrexia in the Mirrans' favor.

A change is coming to New Phyrexia. Freedom tempered in a red furnace will be the fire that sparks a revolution. That, at least, is Urabrask's secret hope. Prophetic dreams — visions in the flame and the oil — led him to this towering city to meet Elspeth. He claims that she is important and needs to know what the future holds . . .[4]

Planes visited[]

As a powerful Phyrexian, Urabrask is able to travel to other planes using an improved form of the Planar Bridge, though this travel leaves him wounded for weeks.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Episode 1: Homecoming Elise Kova 2022-03-28 Streets of New Capenna Theros, New Capenna Elspeth Tirel, Ajani Goldmane, Heliod, Xander, Anhelo, Jetmir, Jinnie, Regis, Kitt, Giada, Vivien Reid, Tezzeret, Urabrask
The Side of Freedom Elise Kova 2022-03-30 Streets of New Capenna New Capenna, Dominaria Vivien Reid, Tezzeret, Urabrask, Navy, Anhelo, Elspeth Tirel

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