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Urami Token.jpg
Race Demon Spirit
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime unknown

Urami (Japanese: () () () ), the Oni of Insatiable Hunger, disliked the uncorporeal food provided by the Kakuriyo, so he turned his wathering mouth to the corporeal realm of Kamigawa.

In order to create a constant supply of tangible food, Urami struck a deal with a group of ogre-magi. Urami promised them forbidden secrets in exchange for free reign to consume all the fruits of their lands, sparing only the ogres themselves. The oni, though, never fulfilled his end of the bargain, preferring instead to keep the ogres in perpetual servitude.

The ogres constructed a gateway through which Urami erupted to feed, consuming everything in reach. Nature replenished itself, but people - Urami's favourite food - started to move away from the unknown evil. So, in order to lure people there, the ogres marked the gate as a "tomb" and spread rumors of Urami's demise. Most people saw through the lie, but some unfortunate fools wander close to it often enough to spice up Urami's meals.[1]

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