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Boss Uramon was a criminal overlord in the Takenuma swamp on Kamigawa.[1] She was a worshipper of the Myojin of Night's Reach and she possessed an artifact that allowed her to travel via shadows, the Shadow Gate. Thanks to the Gate, she was renowned for her ability to appear unexpectedly when and where she needed.

She built her manor in Numai, employing many humans, nezumi, and even ogres or akuba. When the soratami started to infiltrate the swamp, she sent for Toshiro Umezawa to question him. Toshi escaped, and Uramon sent Kiku and Marrow-Gnawer after him. They returned with Toshi in tethers. Unbeknownst to Uramon, Toshi tricked the duo into joining the Hyozan Reckoners gang, and they turned against their former master. Toshi stole the Shadow Gate from Uramon, and the overlord herself was killed by Kiku's camellia.