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Uri Peleg
Born November 6, 1983
Residence Jerusalem, Israel
Nationality {ISR} Israeli
Professional Career
Pro Tour debut 1998 World Championships (Seattle)
Top Finishes 1 (1 win)
GP top 8s 0
World Champion
PT Champion

Uri Peleg is a Magic: The Gathering player from Israel. Peleg defeated Patrick Chapin in the finals of the 2007 World Championships, becoming the first Israeli to win a Pro Tour event.

He has written several articles for StarCityGames, including a series of three articles about his 2007 World Championship.[1]

He is currently a high stakes poker player and runs a poker training program.

Pro Tour Results[]

List of the Pro Tour results and winnings of Uri Peleg
Season Pro Tour Format Finish Winnings
1997–98 Worlds (Seattle) Special 158
1999–00 London Booster Draft 111
1999–00 Worlds (Brussels) Special 37 $875
2001–02 Worlds (Sydney) Special 95
2003–04 Worlds (San Francisco) Special 74
2005 Philadelphia Block Constructed 31 $975
2005 London Booster Draft 93
2005 Worlds (Yokohama) Special 276
2007 Worlds (New York) Special 1 $40,000
2008 Berlin Extended 415
2008 Worlds (Memphis) Special 121
2012–13 Dragon's Maze in San Diego Block Constructed and Booster Draft 23 $2,500
2013–14 Theros in Dublin Standard and Booster Draft 149


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